Do the exercises to learn vocabulary to talk about clothes.




Shorts and sandals, I live in a warm town.

comfortable clothes

I likke wear sneakers

It depends the wheather or the place. But normaly I like to use jeans all the time and dress in the summer time.

It depends on where we are, for example at home I prefer to wear loose blouses, shorts and flip-flops, For going out I usually wear dress .
In fact I think the clothes depends on habits and traditions.

In my opinion, Aydin is completely right we put on clothes that are well-matched with the places where are going to.

At home, I like to wear loose blouses, shorts and flip-flops. For going out or work, I usually wear tight Blouses, trousers and sandals. Occasionally, I also need to put on sarongs when we have some important traditional fests.

I used to wear comfortable clothes. But usually I prefer to wear a dress which scrolls up my femininity.