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French people start having lunch at twelve (So at "Meridium", between AM and PM... )

In my country the vast majority of people often do lunch between 1pm and 2pm.moreover,in my region we do lunch at 2pm.breakfast,on the other hand,at 8am.most people especially older get up in early morning and adults too.people,however go to bed at 9, my homeland particularly rural areas people have quite good schedule of whole day.villages to the contrary to urban region has peace and free of pollution environment.

In my country people have lunch about 11:30 am to 13:30 pm , but I have lunch at eleven o ´clock , because I wake up five o´clock every day and about eleven o´clock I am already hungry

In Vietnam, people usually have lunch at half past eleven.

People usually have lunch at noon in my country.

Hi everyday we have lunch at 11:45 am

Hi everyone. I 'm from Ukraine. We have lunch from 12 to 3 p.m.

Hello every body
I live in Yemen, usually we have lunch in my city around between 1-2 PM

In my country people often have lunch about at 1A.M then they have a rest or shower in hot weather and go back to work.

Hello mitykg,

Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to point out that 1 A.M. is in the night -- I think you meant to say that people eat lunch at 1 P.M.

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