Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.




In Brazil, people love drinking beer in happy hours, parties and meetings. My favourite drinks are milkshake in the summer and wine and hot chocolate in the winter.

I only take water for now because I am on diet. I need to lose weight for my upcoming wedding ceremony.

In my country I believe the most common drink are coffee , beer , water , milk and frizzy drinks . They also drink tea , wine , juice , hot chocolate and milk shake but I think they aren´t used up like the first ones .
my favourite are natural juice , water , hot chocolate and milk shake , I dislike beer , actually I don´t like alcoholic drinks , I don´t know why people like to drink so much beer it tastes bitter.
I drink a lot of water , about three liter per day , it is for my health

In my country, people drinks many things like: tea, juice and coffee. The children drinks milk and sparkling water. The older people likes student or worker drinks coffee, juice, yogurt, milkshake. and the oldest people drinks tea. They like it.

People usually drink bubble tea and coffee where I live, and my favorite drink is water due to its affordability and availability.

People usually drink vodka and beer. My favorite drink is lemonade.

Where i live people usually drink coffee. I dislike beer, wine, fizzy drinks. The others i like all such as tea, water, milk, shakemilk, juice. I prefer hot chocalate to coffee. I always drink water every day. I often drink lemon juice twice a week

I drink coffee and I live in Dubai. My favorite is black coffee and even this time I am drinking my coffee.

I like drink green tea with lemon or lime. Also I drink coffee with milk As for wine I drink it too little.

In my country people like to drink coffee every day.. for me i like tea with nuts.. the wine is prohibited in our religion...