Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.




I visit the doctor when I am ill and the doctor will give me some medicine.Sometimes an injection is given by a nurse for better and faster recovery.

I´ve been seen the doctor and dentist regularly twice a year for check-ups for me it is ok , but sometimes it is boring , but necessary .
I have got high blood pressure and cholesterol that is why I´ve been taken four tablets every day so far

I have ever used all this things. The most I used is plaster because it's quite easy to hurt hitself during daily life. I have never be admit at hospital more than one day, fortunately!
I don't mind going to the doctor on the other side, I have a real horror to visit my dentist. It's scared me too much.

Hello everybody! I am a doctor, so I use this medical terms every day. I have to practice, because I must remember it: X-ray, plaster, injection, medicine etc. This lesson was very important for me.

I feel good when going to the hospital. Actually, I had surgery 3 times.
I had eye surgery, bowel survey and appendicitis surgery.

Plaster, bandage.
Medicine, tablets, injection, X-ray, hospital
Doctor, nurse, dentist, chemist.

I like to go to the doctor just to confirm that everything is ok with me. I don´t like to get tablets because I think it´s not natural but, sometimes we need something more than healthy food to get better. Going to a dentist is always a sacrifice. I am talking about pain and money.

I don't like to go to doctors, because it means that I have any problems with my health. I visited them very often when I was pregnant, and tired from big number of analysis and inspections.

I scare to go to the hospital. I am using from that list - tablets, medicine, plaster, and sometimes I visit of me dentist.

When I have a fever or any other health related problems, I prefer to go and consulte with a doctor. As like everyone I also don’t like getting sick, but it is very common for most of them that we have to face the similar situation at least once in a year.
I feel optimistic when I going to meet a doctor as he is able to prescribe the right medicine to cure the disceases.
I have used most of the items listed in the lesson. I had an accedent last year. After the accident my friedns took me to the hospital. We met the doctor available in the emergency unit. He asked me about the incident. I expliend to him that I am unable to walk as I could not touch my feet on the ground.
After I consulted with the doctor, he prescribed me an injection and asked the Nurse to guide me to the X-Ray room. After taking the X-ray, the doctor told me that there is a fracture on my bone in the leg. Since he is not specialized in Orthopedic, he asked us to come and meet Orthopedic specialist tomorrow morning and he would treat you further. For the time being, he told me that he will role a bandage across the leg for don’t change the positon of the bone.