Do these exercises and learn words for things at school.




My favourite subject at school was politics.
Yes, they do.All of my family went to school.

When I’m a student,My favourry subject at school was math,chemistry and physical

My favourite subject at school was Matematics and Geogrphy.

My favorite subject at school was mathematics, actually I am studying mathematics.

my favourite subject at school was mathematics and physical Science , I know most of people doesn´t like these subjects but a really like them .
I don´t go to school anymore , but my wife has been studying since last year and now a help her in maths

My favorite subject in the school was the electronic , and my son is in the kinder garden right now.

My favourite subjects at school were literature, Russian language and drawing.My niece go to school.She study 9 Foam.

My favourite subjects was english and history, three of my nephews go to infant school.

Dear The LearnEnglish Team,
Which one should I use « the school volleyball team » or « the volleyball school team» ?
Thank you very much in advance.