Do these exercises to improve your vocabulary and learn words to talk about transport.




bike, motobike, motocycle, scooter.
car, van, lorry, taxi, cab, train, bus.
boat, ship.
plane, airplane, aeroplane.

I have a car and a bike. I take the bus every day to go to São Paulo. When I was student I went to my school by bike and I did a great exercise. I do not like motorcicle because It is dangerous to me. Sometimes I use taxi but I prefer to drive my car.

All the above i live in Westcliff - on - Sea which is about a 20 walk from Southend - on - Sea , sea front i use mostly the bus i've got a medical free bus pass.

I live in a big city in where there are many kinds of transport such as train, bus, lorry, and taxi. Every day, I have to take one bus and one train to go to my laboratory. They are always on time. However, there are a lot of people at rush hour.

My city has reach transport culture. There are lot of public transports (bus, van, taxi...). You never wait for transport more then three to five minutes.
I prefer to use bus or van if I need to pass some distance in the city, and use the comfortable van if pass long distance in country (intercity transport) , and train , if i need to go to neighbor country (for example: from Armenia to Georgia) .

There are lots kinds of transport in my city but My city has not sea cause There is not marine transport in here