Do these exercises and learn the names of some wild animals.




It's been a long time ago since I've seen them in Zoo , i would like the animals which with unique skins like tigers , crocodiles and zebras that makes me amazed.

reindeer, elephant, rhino,
Tiger, lion, cheetah,
fox, squirrel, anteater,
polar bear, panda,

I've seen most in the zoo the closet zoo is colchester which is quit far from where we live, i see foxs outside at night from our first, floor flat , and squirrels mosstly gray i've seen in the trees.

Yeah. I've seen all of them but polar bears and reindeer in the zoo.
I am really fascinated by Tigers and lions, they're glorious and powerful.

I'v go to zoom 1 years ago. I see lions, tigers, foxes,squirrels. Me most like see on lions. King of animal!

I have seen all of them in the zoo when I visited San Diego Zoo and Los Angeles Zoo in California. Every single animal is amazing, but my favorite are wolves.

I saw a fox once while spending time in the woods. The animal I would realy like to see in its natural habitat is the panda. I think these animals are a lot of fun to watch, they make me happy.

Almost all of these animals I've seen in the zoo. Also I like watching different TV programmes about wild nature. Most of all I would like to see a kangaroo in a real life not only on TV.

I have seen most of the animals in an zoo last summer. My favorite animals is polar bear.So i would like to see it.

I've seen most of these animals when I visited the zoo of Toronto.