Beautiful Christmas window displays are one way shops get into the Christmas spirit. Amandeep goes to Fortnum & Mason to see the work that goes into the displays and find out more about Christmas shopping.

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In the documentary, the presenter uses the present perfect continuous: 'Fortnum and Mason has been selling the finer things in life for over 300 years.' We use this form to describe activities which started in the past and continue to the present moment.





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It is perfectly correct to use the present perfect simple in the way you propose. Both the simple (have lived) and continuous (have been living) forms indicate a past action that is somehow connected to the present.

Here, the difference between them is quite subtle and is a matter of emphasis on this connection with the present time. The simple aspect (have lived) is a general statement about the 200 years the family have lived in the village, whereas the continuous aspect (have been living) puts slightly more emphasis on the fact that they still live there.

Our page on the perfective aspect explains this a bit as well: .

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It is very useful I like it.

 Department stores that put out Christmas decorations as early as September. The stress of Christmas shopping. Everywhere the message is spend, spend, spend. Christmas is a Christian religious festival, to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s not just an excuse for making money. Replace with: midnight carols at church, peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.

nice to see the christmas shopping

Nice to see the christmas shopping So Excited

I feel very excited when listening and watching this video. It's useful to me. I've known Christmas in London. It is more exciting and amazing than Christmas in Vietnam.

It seems that I'm in week in English grammar. 

task 2 and 3 are not working.
I have heard Mulberry, ted baker and mark&spencer

Shops put in their windows clothes, shoes, technical equipment and other things in my country. I have heard about Marks & Spencer, which is the major British manufacturer of clothes. The company owes more than 855 shops, among them 600 are in Great Britain and others 225 shops are situated in the 40 countries. Marks & Spencer was always famous as a producer of clothes, but from 2000 years the company mastered other directions among them are: technical equipment, products, financial services and others. Besides, I have heard about the network of shops brand Burberry that manufactures clothes and accessories of a class Lux.
Many of Christmas customs began long before Jesus was born. They came from earlier festivals which had nothing to do with the Christian church. Long time ago people had mid-winter festivals when the days were shortest and the sunlight weakest. They believed that their ceremonies would give the sun back its power. The Romans, for example, held the festival of Saturnalia around 25 December. They decorated their homes with evergreens to remind of Saturn, their harvest god, to return the following spring. Some of these customs and traditions were adopted by early Christians as part of their celebrations of Jesus' birthday. In Victorian times some new ideas such as Father Christmas, Christmas cards and crackers were added to the celebrations.  
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why task 1 and task 2 can't work?