Stephen and Ashlie have trouble finding their way and Ashlie has a bit of a fright.


Do the first two Tasks while watching the video, then try Task 3. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.




Hello everyone,
I have never get lost in the countryside because I don't have a car but I get lost when I used to be by walk and I was so scary. The point is you can get lost easy if you go to the countryside and there is no Road and then there's no sign that shows you where you are and it's easy to get lost if you don't know that places.
But I think nowadays if have a mobile phone with you you are completely safe, to take a phone with you if you don't want to get lost.
Usually I don't get scared easy but I might be if I get lost at dusk and I don't know that area and if I heard some strange noises that come to the strange animals and if I'll be in the wood or at the countryside and seeing thing moving in front of mine like a part of the wood or like in this episode, them I might be really scared

Hello teacher,
why in task 1 it says " won't start" and not ".... car doesn't start" ( according to which rule?
Thank you

Hello Olha Shev,

We often talk about objects as if they were alive and making decisions. This is especially true of machines and electronic devices and it is normal in English to say The car doesn't want to start or The car refused to start.


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The LearnEnglish Team

First question
-Have you ever got lost in the country while driving in the country?
Well, I don't like driving a lot so I tend to avoid using my car is it is possible. In addition, I drive just to well known places because I would be scared if I got lost. When I don't know the place well, I prefer using the public transport o walking.
Could someone correct my answer if there are mistakes?
Thank you very much!

Hi there. is there any way to download these videos ?

Hello fateme s,

I'm afraid that our videos are not available for download for legal reasons. Sorry!

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello teacher,

In this video, Stefan says "I thought you were going to put petrol in the car".
Why dont he say " I thought you put petrol in the car". I dont know why he uses "were going" in this sentence. Please explain it to me.

Many thanks,

Hello thaivan,

Both sentences are correct and mean more or less the same thing. The 'you put' form simply shows that Stephen thought Ashlie had got petrol for the car. The  'you were going to' form is a bit more specific – Stephen implies that Ashlie said she was going to put petrol in the car. The implication is that it's her fault that they've run out of petrol.

Does that make sense?

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The LearnEnglish Team

- Have you ever got lost while driving in the country?
It sometimes happened to me to get lost while driving, but fortunately I've always found the right road again, with a bit of patience and keeping calm of course.
- How might you feel if you were lost in the forest at dusk?
If I were all alone, I would feel scared to death!

Stephen says : "That has to be it there." Why doesn't he says : "That has to be there", without the "it"? Is it the same meaning? Thanks for the answer.