Wendy is finding out about style on the set of a photo shoot. Watch as she finds out what you need to know to work in fashion.


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Hello, Please explain me these structure: "I kind of got that help me..." and "I sort of learned more about.." I really confuse about that.

"kind of" and "sort of" are adverbs:
"kind of" means rather, somewhat.
"sort of" means lightly

ex: Gambling and prostitution ... have been prohibited, but only sort of.

Hello Doan Hoai Lien,

The sentences in which these appear are as follows (from the transcript):

The real training that I kind of got that helps me today is just from assisting photographers

I went to the Royal College of Arts, where I sort of learned more about textile design and fashion

We can remove 'kind of' and 'sort of' from these sentences without changing their meaning. When we add these phrases we are making the statement a little less clearly defined. They mean something like 'in a way'. For example, we can say the following:

Did you like the film?


Here the statement is very clear and definite.

Did you like the film?

Yes, I sort of liked it.

Here the statement is much less certain and not so strong.


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I'm not interested in fashion...i don't like to spend my time for it.i wear just what i like and comfortable clothes...

I am not interested in fashion. Because I do not care what I wore.

I am really interested in this kinds of videos. Very very useful for me. Not only get vocabulary but also learn more grammar. Everything will be easier. Thanks so much!!!

passion & dedication

I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

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