Practise and improve your writing skills. This section has advice and exercises to help you write emails at work and essays and assignments at university.

This section will help you to improve your writing for college and university assignments. There's information and advice about different types of writing tasks. Our exercises and examples will help you to write clearly and get top marks.

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A scale, gavel and law books

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Essays: Structure 1

In the BAWE classification, an Essay is a piece of writing which develops an argument. When you...

Learn to write better emails and get ahead in your career.

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Unit 1: Email addresses

Email addresses are essential in business – do you know how to say them correctly?

Elementary: A2, Intermediate: B1
Unit 6: Enquiries

Where can you practise the ways we ask questions in emails? Here, of course!

Elementary: A2, Intermediate: B1
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