The purpose of an Essay is to demonstrate or develop the ability to construct a coherent argument and employ critical thinking skills.


Hello hajora003,

It's no problem, don't worry! Many people don't realise this and it's a very common request.

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Dear teachers,
I'm so glad to be a students of this helpfull site. I'm new one get just four days before. I have many problemes in english writting . thats why I want to ask If I have an example of essay where I shoud write it to correct with me my mastake. please

Hello hajora003,

Welcome to LearnEnglish and thanks for your kind words. For essay writing, in addition to these pages in Writing for a purpose, you might want to look at the college assignment page at the ESOLNexus, the writing advice and model answers at TakeIELTS, as well as the opinion essay and for and against essay pages at LearnEnglishTeens.

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Hi Mr,Kirk
Thanks a lot for your help. I'm soooo glad.

Hello Kirk,

Is there any writing tasks on this website where I can increase my writingskills ? If so, where can I find them.

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Hello Aziz,

Since we aren't able to provide feedback on users' writing – we are too small a team with too much work to be able to do that – there aren't really any writing tasks on LearnEnglish. There is, however, some advice on improving your writing on our Help page, and of course you've found our Writing for a purpose section. Depending on what kind of writing you want to practise, you might also want to look at the writing section of TakeIELTS and/or the Writing skills section of LearnEnglish Teens and the ESOL Nexus.

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hello sir , i want to learn English i can read but don't know the meaning how i can resolve this problem

Hello adeel,

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Could you please explain with a specific example?

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I think with practicing we can improve our skills, and here a plenty of topics, lessons, so on you can make search which will give you a subject you need.
Either, in my opinion BBC learning English is useful too so so.

Hi Sir,
Indeed I do not have a teacher yet for teaching me English, because I was attend a class with Arabic teacher who taught me and sometimes he was laughing and all the class about my pronunciation for some words in English which give another meaning. Also he stopped me when I need to speak because I had some mistakes in grammar but I have been an ability to speak with confidence and effectively.
Any way, that done, and nowadays I study only at home by using a lot of sites here which have been helping me more and so so.
So, I was wondering whether I could go on that way only to reach an Ielts exam to sit there on 31th of May? I have been preparing for all models daily for nearly four hours at least. I tried to improve my English language in all skills as much as I can. So what is your recommend in that if you please could you inform me what is your advice in that? Thank you a lot.
Maisa Omar
Candidate for Ielts