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English for Medicine – A Doctor's View

Listen to an interview with a retired doctor, Rajan Mehta, about his life working in the UK.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.



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Upper intermediate: B2


In India, the most respected profession is the medical , The doctor's wife is mrs doctor. Though there are lots of herbists and homeopathist yet doctors are worshipped. The point is such that medical training is very expensive field and many qualified doctors go abroad, so there is a lackage of doctors and the population is vast.
Every parent desires his child to be a doctor.

I'm from Dominican Republic where the biggest problem is that there isn't opportunities because of corruption. Often, professionals move abroad to search new horizons. Doctor of medicine is the most respect career, and in second place is a lawyer.

all the job must be respected either a doctor or even a taxi driver or policeman and so on . what would happen if the drivers don't go to work for a day or so on........?

In Italy the doctor is one of the most respected professions as well as notary or magistrate.
A lot of people live and work abroad mostly young people because at the moment the economic situation is bad and they try to look for better opportunities in other countries.

Hello! I am from Russia. There are many professions respected in my country: lowyers, physicians, tourist agents, teachers, e.t.c. I am a doctor. I like my professon. However, unfortunately, doctors in my country have a low salary and many young people want to become business men. I wish everyone to find their profession. Be happy and rich!

Everyone can bring the respect for her/his job by doing it in respectable or professional way

Which jobs or professions are most respected in your country?
1.I think its computer engineer. Doctors have a low salary 100-200 $ a month , thats why I learning English) Becouse around of 30% of a doctors from my country work abroad.

I belive that all professionals are respected, however the job of doctor is very much because the job is relationships with save live of peoples.
I think that live and work broad not is a situation new this coming from always, only that now the jobs is both woman and man.

Which jobs or professions are most respected in your country?
tourism agent

Do many people from your country live and work abroad?
yes, they go outside to do bussiness, receive training and as work in my country

In my country, the most respected jobs or rather say the people who are more respected are they who has a post-graduated studies, because no many people finish their studies, a lot of students in Mexico arrives to High School and dont enter to an University. This problem can be because these people who dont continue their studies, have to work to help their family or simple they dont like the school. Its a big problem because this affect to the country development, we are staying in the comfort zone, and Mexico cannot improve. The majority of the habitants can say that this is a government fault, that they have to build more schools, have better techaers, and a lot of excuses, it could be more easier if the people take about their responsabilities and make a change to get better.
Regarding the other question, some persons get a foreign job, but they are a lot of people that battle to even get a job in their own country. I think that the problem of many people can't get a job in other country or even in their own, is because they lack preparation, and more if you want to work or study in a foreign country. Minimum you have to know perfectly English, and if you can, you have to learn another language. For example: I am 17 years old, in a few months I am going to enter to University, maybe like Industry Engineer, i want to go to Germany to study my career, a think it can be possible in the middle of my career, but first i have to know English and then im gonna study german. Its the cause I'm here studying. I hope that I can achieve my goal.