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Interrogative determiners: 'which' and 'what'

Level: intermediate

The interrogative determiners are which and what.

which is a specific determiner

Here are three books. Which book do you think is the most interesting?
They have four boys. Which boy is the oldest?
I can’t remember which house Janet lives in.
Which restaurant did you go to?


what is a general determiner

What food do you like?
I don’t know what job she does.

Interrogative determiners 1


Interrogative determiners 2




hello i wants to thanks you what have creates this site and which brings much thing has to learn English and has to understand also thank you

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Good morning Adam
I don’t understand why the question “which restaurant did you go to?” is written with which, don’t you think that’s too general and that’s why we also may use “what” just like: “what restaurant did you go to?”?.
Thank you.