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'one' and 'ones'

Level: beginner

We use one (singular) and ones (plural):

See those two girls? Helen is the tall one and Jane is the short one.
Which is your car, the red one or the blue one?
My trousers are torn. I need some new ones.

See those two girls? Helen is the one on the left.
Let's look at the photographs – the ones you took in Paris.

after which in questions:

You can borrow a book. Which one do you want?
Which ones are yours?

one and ones 1


one and ones 2




Hi galajdaerik,

Sentence 5 refers to the object we wear to see better, and yes, when used with this meaning, glasses is always plural, and so any verbs or pronouns that refer to it must also be in a plural form. Therefore, you are right: "the ones I have at the moment are broken" is the correct answer.

The word information is a bit different, because it is an uncount noun. An uncount noun refers to something that could be considered plural, but which is grammatically singular. A singular verb is used with an uncount noun (e.g. "this information is useful"), but the pronoun one is not used to refer to an uncount noun (e.g. "the one I have is useful too").

I hope this helps!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hiii.... i am intermediate in english......please share me how can i improve my communication (conversation) skills..... where can i find the powefull conversation videos..... i really likes to watch videos...becoz i can easily remember the word uses in the videos.

Hello shahulvp,

The videos on LearnEnglish are all communicative in their own way: some use dialogues, other are monologues communicating only with the speaker, some are fictional, others documentary.  If you can be a little more specific about what you are looking for then we will be able to help you to find just the right thing.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello , everyone. I don't understand this sentences: I hope this holiday will be one to remember. What mean it is? Why we use " will be"?

Hello drphat,

I hope is commonly used to express a wish about something in the future and "one to remember" means "a holiday to remember". In this sentence, the speaker is saying that they hope that the holiday they are about to go on is very good, i.e. that it is a holiday that they will fondly remember for many years.

I hope this helps - please let us know if not.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team


hello everyone
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Hi Jacob,

Do you mean the exercises? I could see them just now, so it appears they are working. What kind of device are you using? Does it have the latest version of Flash installed? These exercises are currently made with Flash, and so do not work on some devices (e.g. iPhones or iPads). We are working on a solution to this, but it has not yet been implemented.

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Which exercise you guys are talking about.
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Hi ZahidShaikh,

There is an exercise above (titled Pronouns: one/ones). What kind of device are you using? If you're using a tablet or phone, you need to have Flash installed to see most of our games and exercises. If you have a device with iOS, I'm afraid you won't be able to see it. We're working on a solution to this and hope to have it solved in the next few months, but for now you may have to change devices to see the exercises.

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