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'one' and 'ones'

Level: beginner

We use one (singular) and ones (plural):

See those two girls? Helen is the tall one and Jane is the short one.
Which is your car, the red one or the blue one?
My trousers are torn. I need some new ones.

See those two girls? Helen is the one on the left.
Let's look at the photographs – the ones you took in Paris.

after which in questions:

You can borrow a book. Which one do you want?
Which ones are yours?

one and ones 1


one and ones 2




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the 6th question.. why isn't there an article before one?

Hi pseudo_gal,
'The' doesn't appear before 'one' in sentence six because it isn't referring to a specific holiday. Any holiday could be 'one to remember.' Therefore, we omit the article.
The LearnEnglish Team 

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