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Possessives: pronouns

Level: beginner

Subject Object Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I me  my mine
you you your yours
he him  his his
she her  her hers
it it its -
we us  our ours
they them  their theirs


Be careful!

Possessive pronouns do not have an apostrophe:

Is that car yours/hers/ours/theirs?
(NOT Is that car your's/her's/our's/their's?)

We can use a possessive pronoun instead of a full noun phrase to avoid repeating words:

Is that John's car?
     No, it's mine.
 (NOT No, it's [my car].)

Whose coat is this?
     Is it yours? (NOT Is it [your coat]?)

Her coat is grey.
     Mine is brown. (NOT [My coat] is brown.)


Possessives: pronouns 1


Level: intermediate

We can use possessive pronouns and nouns after of. We can say:

Susan is one of my friends. > Susan is a friend of mine.
(NOT Susan is a friend of me.)

I am one of Susan's friends. > I am a friend of Susan's.
(NOT I am a friend of Susan.)

Possessives: pronouns 2




Hi all
I will take the example which we have in  in test-exercise regarding my question.`
`That is your room and that is her room.``
Correct answer is:``This is your room and that is hers.``
Why is that incorrect: ``This is your room and that is hers room.``
In all Slavic languages , and maybe some other, noun  take the place after possessive pronounce...hers room...which means that she owns the room.Why in English can not use noun after pronounce in such way ?
I hope someone can explain me,
Best regards,

Hello Alexandra,
In English we have both possessive adjectives (used with nouns) and possessive pronouns (used by themselves).  For example, we can say:
This is her room (my + noun)
This is hers (without a noun)
So as you can see, nouns can follow them, but you need to make sure you use the right kind of possessive marker:
my / your / his / her / its / our / their + noun
mine / yours / his / hers / its / ours / theirs without a noun
I hope that clarifies it for you.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

The lesson is very difficult

Why I cannot use "No, It's not my car"

Of course, you can. But, which one do you prefer? 
- No, it is my car
-No, it's mine.
I guess you would prefer the short one.

Hello torontolast!
Who said you can't use that? The only mistake I can see is the capital I on its.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I have a question here, in the explanation theirs says he (subject), her (object), her (possessive adjectives), but in the answer the first is hers, with s at the end;  why?, that is possible, or is just a mistake, please help me because I don't understand.

Hello Jennifer 9001!
The word you are asking about, hers, is explained at the start of the page. It is a possessive pronoun, which we use instead of a possessive adjective + noun:
That is her pen.
That (pen) is hers.
The exercise asks you to use the possessive pronouns to complete the exercises, not the possessive adjectives.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

 it`s really easy making exercises here than at school

very fast test