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Possessives: pronouns

Level: beginner

Subject Object Possessive adjective Possessive pronoun
I me  my mine
you you your yours
he him  his his
she her  her hers
it it its -
we us  our ours
they them  their theirs


Be careful!

Possessive pronouns do not have an apostrophe:

Is that car yours/hers/ours/theirs?
(NOT Is that car your's/her's/our's/their's?)

We can use a possessive pronoun instead of a full noun phrase to avoid repeating words:

Is that John's car?
     No, it's mine.
 (NOT No, it's [my car].)

Whose coat is this?
     Is it yours? (NOT Is it [your coat]?)

Her coat is grey.
     Mine is brown. (NOT [My coat] is brown.)


Possessives: pronouns 1


Level: intermediate

We can use possessive pronouns and nouns after of. We can say:

Susan is one of my friends. > Susan is a friend of mine.
(NOT Susan is a friend of me.)

I am one of Susan's friends. > I am a friend of Susan's.
(NOT I am a friend of Susan.)

Possessives: pronouns 2




Thanks, could you explain whether these two sentences have the same meaning or not.

1) ''All of their cars were parked outside.''
2) ''Everyone's car was parked outside''.

Can we use ''All of their'' instead of ''Everyone's''? Kindly make clear.

Hello Zayed Haq,

In most contexts the meanings of these sentences is the same, yes. 'All of their' may refer to a particular group, of course, rather than describing everyone, but this will depend on the context.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you so much..

Could you give me examples and explanation on ( Its ) as a possessive pronoun , please ?

Hi Walid123,

Here are three examples:

  • The cat licked its paw.
  • I liked the house. Its style was modern but its materials were quite traditional.
  • Its screen was dirty so I wiped it with a cloth.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi. Peter
Thanks for your answer but I think in these examples ( its ) is a possessive adjective not a possessive pronoun
Actually I know how to use the possessive pronouns ( mine, yours, ours...etc ) but I am not ok with its as a possessive pronoun ).
Best wishes
Walid 123

Hi Walid123,

My apologies! I read your question rather quickly and assumed (incorreclty) that you were interested in the use of its as a possessive form as opposed to it's as a contracted verb.

Although grammatically speaking we could use its as a possessive pronoun, in practice we do not. Instead we use the full noun:

Whose are those footprints?

I thought they were yours.

No, they're not. They must be the dog's.

Although its would be possible, particularly if the dog were present so that the speaker could visually indicate it, the sentence would be clumsy and highly unlikely in normal speech.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I spoke about a friend of mine.
I have never read one from book of mine.

These sentences are correct, or not?

Hello airbinder,

The first sentence is correct and the second is not, but the use of 'mine' is correct in both sentences. It's not clear how the second sentence should be changed as we don't know the context. For example, we don't know what 'one' refers to.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

please i need to ask
My parents are from London,So is mine or so are mine..... and why?