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Pronouns in questions

Level: beginner

We use who to ask questions about people:

Who is that?
Who lives here?
Who did you see?

We use whose to ask about possession:

Whose coat is this? or Whose is this coat?
Whose book is that?   or Whose is that book?
Whose bags are those? or

Whose are those bags?

We use what to ask questions about things:

What is that?
What do you want?

We use which to ask someone to choose something:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I've got two books. Which do you want?

We can also use what and which with nouns:

What subjects did you study at school?
What newspaper do you read?
Which newspaper do you read –
The Times or The Guardian?
Which book do you want?
Which one is yours?

Pronouns in questions 1


We often have a preposition at the end of a question:

Who does this book belong to?
What are you looking for?
Which university did you go to?

Pronouns in questions 2


Pronouns in questions 3



 Hi guy,
 i would like to improve my english too? could you please chat with me
Kind regards

Hi Maya764 I want to chat with u to improve my English

YES! this exercise was a little hard.
I don't understand what mean the frase "Who does this book belong to?"
Can someone help me?

"Who does this book belong to?"
This phrase refer to owner or to author of the book
And now peoples? ... Help me pls

This phrase refer to "possession" or "Property " of the book

I think it is more appropriate to use the word "author" for a person who originated anything instead of the word "owner".
For example, if I buy a book, I become the owner of the book. Now if you and I are together and you ask "Who does this book belong to?" , I will say "It's mine."
I hope it is helpful.

Hello j_amarildo!
stouti is right.
The speaker is asking about the author of the book.

Thank you for reply me. Now I know what it mean! ^^

Welcome! But sorry there's a mistake. The speaker is asking about the owner of the book.
I wrote owner as author by mistake.

im new here
the frase you asked about does mean
asking about the owner of the book