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Reporting verbs with that clauses

When we want to report what people say or think, we can use a reporting verb and a clause with that:

He said that I had to see a doctor.
I thought that he was being silly

We can leave out the word that:

He said I had to see a doctor.
I thought he was being silly.

These verbs have the pattern:

Noun + Verb + (that) + Clause

With some verbs, we can mention the hearer as the object of the verb:

She reminded him that it was time to go.
He told me he was a friend of yours.

These verbs have the pattern:

Noun + Verb + Noun + (that) + Clause

Reporting verbs with wh- and if clauses

Some reporting verbs introduce a wh- clause or an if clause:

She explained what we had to do.
I didn't know where to go.

He asked if I was ready.
I wonder if they're at home.

These verbs have the pattern:

Noun + Verb + wh- word + Clause


Noun + Verb + if + Clause

With some verbs, we can mention the hearer as the object of the verb:

He told me what I had to do.
He asked them if they were ready.

These verbs have the pattern:

Noun + Verb + Noun + wh- word + Clause


Noun + Verb + Noun + if + Clause

Reporting verbs 1


Reporting verbs 2



Ok, so reported questions tenses follow the rule of reported statements sentences. I was just not comfortable with using 'will' after 'if'.
Thank you very much,

Q 4
Possibly the correct structure is
Do you think they'll come.

Hello LearnEnglishTeam,
I agree with Zoje Gabili Vhere is the "Wh-" in the 4. question. 

where is the v+n+(that)+clause in the sentence "do you think they`ll come" 
because i dont understand thanks

your welcome sir and thanks for your answer oops yeah i know about ' have to ' but didn't know about had to thanks once again .

sir , i have one conflict why you used first form of verb (see) with had.. cause i have read somewhere that we have to use verb's third form (past participle ) with have and had ( past perfect and past continuous )

Hello Jas,
Firstly, thanks for your very nice words about LearnEnglish in your other comment.
I think you're talking about the sentence 'He said that I had to see a doctor.' You're right that when we use 'have' or 'had' to make a verb form, we usually use the past participle or third form of the main verb. However, in this sentence we're not using 'have', we are using 'have to'! They are very different.
Have to has a similar meaning to must and is followed by the bare infinitive. You can read more about 'have to' in our grammar section.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

first of all thanks to the all member of learn english team. i am novice on your site and english too. i have been using this site for last 15 to 20 days and one thing i would like to say that your site is great boon for english learners. and i got lots of vital things about english here. and all podcast ,videos,games and grammar
stuff .. thankyou so much form bottom of my heart. it's one of the best site that i have ever seen.

can we say 
.I thought he was silly
or its wrong

i need some explanation on using  be or being or been
realy it is difficult .  what wil be the difference between these 2 sentences
  1 .I thought he was being silly.
2 .I thought he was been silly.
3 .I thought he would be silly.
thanks   waiting for answer