Level: elementary

We use prepositions to show how far things are:

Birmingham is 250 kilometres from London.
Birmingham is 250 kilometres away from London.
It is 250 kilometres from Birmingham to London.

Sometimes we use an adverbial of distance at the end of a clause:

We were in London. Birmingham was 250 kilometres away.
Birmingham was 250 kilometres off.
London and Birmingham are 250 kilometres apart.

Adverbials of distance 1


Adverbials of distance 2




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Hello guys, i'm Silvana from Romania.
Why it's not right the sentence from the test like this : From Gibraltar the only visible African coast is 14 miles away? please i need an answer.

Hey, I have the same question, why is that? Please, we need an answer.
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Well spotted, Silvana and Carlospg94! The exercise will only accept one of the right answers – but your answer is grammatically good! However, the meaning is a bit different. If you ever go to Gibraltar, you will see a lot of the African coast, not just the bit 14 miles away. This means that you can't use 'only', because much more of the coast is visible.
There is at least one more grammatically correct sentence the program won't accept... Can you find it?
Hope that helps!
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The LearnEnglish Team

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