How to use the LearnEnglish grammar section

How to use the LearnEnglish grammar section

If you'd like to communicate effectively, we've got two useful resources to help you improve your English grammar.

The English grammar reference

Think of the English grammar reference as a summary of all the most essential points of English grammar. It's similar to a grammar reference book. 

The pages offer clear and concise presentations, and each page has exercises for you to check your understanding. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The grammar reference covers all the essential English grammar you need to communicate in most situations. But it doesn't cover every single grammar point. 
  • The grammar reference is organised by parts of speech (like an encyclopaedia), not as a grammar lesson. This means it's probably not a good idea to read it from beginning to end! Instead, look for a grammar point you'd like to know more about.
  • If you have a question that isn't answered in the grammar explanation, read through the comments at the bottom of the page. Someone may have already asked your question, and you can read our expert team's answer. The comments contain lots of really useful information!

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The grammar pages

In an English class, teachers carefully choose the grammar to teach in their lessons and give their students explanations and opportunities to practise using the grammar.

The A1-A2, B1-B2 and C1 grammar pages are written like mini English lessons:

  1. Test: do an exercise to see how much you know already. (Don't skip this!) 
  2. Teach: read an explanation of the grammar point. 
  3. Test: do another exercise to check your understanding of the grammar.

Just like the grammar reference, there's a lot of useful information in the comments that other learners and our expert team have written in responses. Read the comments to look for answers to your own questions and to learn more!

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We hope you now have a clearer idea of how to use the different grammar resources available to you on LearnEnglish.

Language level

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Submitted by AhmedGmail on Mon, 21/08/2023 - 11:00


Dear all,
My name is Ahmed Tarek I have problem my problem is when I try the free
Englishh online level test on your website I found my self in the level of B1 Intermediate however when I try the same exam on the email that you have sent me I found that I got Pre Intermediate and now I'm not able to know my real level which is one Pre Intermediate or Intermediate?
I hope someone will help me and tell me my real level?
Thank you
Best Regrads
Ahmed Helmy

Hi AhmedGmail,

Thanks for your question. Please note that these level tests are not detailed enough to be 100% accurate. As the online level test says, "This online level test will give you an approximate indication". These tests are intended to be quick to do, so they are very short and simple and they cover a limited amount of language. For a more accurate measure of your level, you would need to take a longer and more comprehensive test involving more grammar, vocabulary and all the language skills.

However, even though these test results are approximate, they can still help you to find suitable resources for you on our site. Since you had pre-intermediate and intermediate results, you can check pages at A2 and B1 level on our site. If they seem easy or difficult, you can move up or down a level until the difficulty level is right for you.

Also, please be aware that your level may be different in different language areas and skills - it may be higher in grammar and lower in listening, for example. So, it's best to treat our level test results as an indication, not an accurate measure.

I hope that helps to understand the result.


LearnEnglish team