¿Sabías que puedes aplicar la teoría 'STRESS' para reducir el estrés? Averigua más con Emily.

Haz primero la actividad de 'Preparación'. Después ve a 'Texto' y lee el artículo. Luego ve a 'Actividad' y procede a realizarla. Si necesitas ayuda, puedes leer la 'Transcripción' en cualquier momento.

Task 1

Choose the correct way to finish each sentence.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Hi everyone.
When I feel stressed usually I breath deeply and I focus in my breath during two minutes, this make me feel better. I think the most easier action for me is Word "T" because I do a lot of sport, for example running, after that I always feel more relaxed. I think stress is necesary in our lives because it need us in several aspects of life as at work or in danger situations but with lower levels of strees.