Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Thanks, very good exercises.

l have some scurf. i like accessories. i have some earrings and neck less and bracelets.

thanks a lot for this lesson

I have a lots of bags becuase I like them.

I like jewelry accessories too. In my mind, every woman loves this.

I want a scarf

I like accessories, I have many of them , stone necklace , earrings , rings ... I love them very much.

Accessories are not important for me very much. I only use them for a while.

I like accessories, so l have quite much such as a necklace, a bag , a rucksack. The most meaningful accessory to me is the big one of bracelet. This is a gift from my aunt who passed way in last month . I always keep it in my small bag, so this is really special to me . Whenever I feel unhappy, just looking at it cheers me up right away .

I have just had a big bonus because of well done, so I'm going to buy presents for my family tomorrow. I'll buy a bag for my mom because mom's bag is very old. My brother need a belt to hold his trousers up. My sister in law absolutely love wearing jewelry so I buy earrings, a necklace and a bracelet for her. Besides, I will choose a hat and a rucksack for my niece, she is a pretty girl and i love her so much. Finally, I think I spend a sum of money for my father because he doesn't live Viet Nam now. yeahh, this is my plan. And I only wait until tomorrow to go shopping.