Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I have a special bracelet made it by kenaf (like jute) yarn, i like it so much.

I have got a horse necklace. It is made from silver. I like it and I have it with me always.

I always wear a watch without which I feel naked!
I wear all day my engagement ring, otherwise my future wife we'll be able to kill me!
When I wear my rucksack, I always bring some books, and a textbook to make some notes, about anything and everthing, like a diary.

I always wear my watch too.
I bring my bag to the office.
When I wear my bag, I always bring some books, one of my lipstick, lip balm.

Hello, i'm from Venezuela Caracas, in my case i have a wrist watch which my grandfather gave it to me in holidays.

My favorites accessories is my black bracelet and my star earrings.

I had a special cap. I bought it a few months ago during my holidays in Cape Town, South Africa. It's a great place to do kite surf (and I did) and I was lucky enough to meet the famous kitesurfer Jesse Richman who autographed it. Great guy ! Great memory !

I have special cap too.
It is a good cap .
I wear it on my trip.
The colour is brown.

I have a red coral neckless. When I look at it, I remember Egypt and how I swam past coral reefs in the Red Sea. This accassorie is special for me.I wear it with my red and white sweater mostly.

what is different between backpack and rucksack?