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Beginner: A1


Yes, it is related to 11 years ago!!! when I was an undergraduate student. I participated in that on two semesters and it wasn't a good experience. after that, I have never participated in any English class, but nowadays I learn English Online on two sites. Because I want to attempt for IELTS exam.

I don't have an English class, because I study on my own with my computer. I follow some websites:for example, English British Council. This is a wonderful website. Congratulations.

Yes every Friday at 4pm at the café

Yes I have an English class. I take the course for the employee program, so we can learn after finish work. Usually, I attend the English course at 7 until 9 pm.

I've had a class English ever, I want to study by myself and now I study hard for the IELTS!

Of course! My university 's major is English, so I have a number of English class from Monday to Friday. I have a listening class every Monday, literature and French class every Tuesday, physical education, speaking and writing class every Wednesday, theory and New of English every Thursday and linguistics and etiquette class every Friday. My class is always in the EE building, such as classroom 301,302,303,304 or in the P building, such as 313, 408 or 405.

Yes, I have English class. I study every day in my home because it's online course and study some lesson here too.

I don't have an English class. I currently learn English online at this site.

Yes, I do it's at home it's on the British Council, I really love it.

I am currently learning English in this site