Stephen y Ashlie llegan al Bestival en la Isla de Wight y comienzan a observar lo que ocurre alrededor.

Haz primero la actividad de ‘Preparación’. Después observa el video.  Luego ve a ‘Actividad’ y procede a realizarla. Si necesitas ayuda, puedes leer la ‘Transcripción’ en cualquier momento.


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I hope some administrator can help me with "high tea", because internet says "A possible explanation why this type of meal was called high tea is the fact that it was eaten at a table. In comparison, Afternoon Tea was taken whilst seating in low, comfortable chairs or sofas.", but is weird because, how did the waiter ask for serve at a table or seating in low chairs?

Or, Have the high tea different menu of afternoon tea?


Hello Oscar75,

The phrase 'high tea' is not a common on these days as the various traditions associated with it have disappeared. I think the Wikipedia page on the subject is quite a good resource for the history of the phrase. Remember, though, that these traditions were generally part of home and family life rather than being associated with tea houses or restaurants.

A low table might be comparable to today's coffee tables, as opposed to the higher tables we use as dining tables.


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The LearnEnglish Team

Ok Peter, thanks a lot.

Stall = booth, stand.

Hello. I'm goin to write down some words/phrases which were some difficult for me. This is to save time for other people with the same problem.

Ok, the first one was "fancy" in this sentence:

I do not fancy camping in the rain.

I searched the meaning as a verb and found "imagine", but this did not fit. Then I choose "like" or "want" and this meanings work perfectly because the girl hoped the weather was good and do not wanted camping in the rain.

yeah,they talk very fast. i like it too))))

i like how stephen and ashlie talk. they do it very fast so thats the kind of listening i was looking for, im enjoying it so much i love it. :)