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Could you please explain why the correct answer for the 2nd sentence in Task 2 is B?

Thank you in advance.


Hello Adam83

Even though B is not the best summary of the reasons that Helen liked the book, it is clearly a better answer than the other two. On many official English language exams, the correct answer is not always the most satisfying answer, but it is clearly better than the other options, and so by the process of elimination, it is the correct answer. This is what we had in mind when we worded this question this way.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for your reply. You have right, but I can't understand why the answer B is better than A... there is a sentence:

... The families in your own books are a million miles away from this one...

I'm not able to figure it out :)

Than you for your help.

Hello again Adam

That's a good point, but it's the presenter who says that about Helen. It's an observation about Helen's books, not about the reason Helen enjoyed the novel they are discussing.

When Helen says that she couldn't put the book down and stayed up late to finish it, she then says:

There's something about immersing yourself in a family this flawed, this damaged, that's compelling. You'd never want to be in that family yourself, but that's what reading is about, isn't it? Wearing someone else's shoes for a while without ever having to live their reality.

Here she is talking about the reason she enjoyed the book so much and it's clear from the second sentence that her own life is very different from the lives she read about in the novel.

Does that make more sense now?

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The LearnEnglish Team

Sometimes I like to read the "dark" books. Our life is not easy. There are good and bad things. Probably, these books will learn us to solve our own problems.

I like to read dark books occasionally. I suppose we all have both good and bad sides, and the 'dark' books show us the bad sides which we all should read. The books will evolve teenagers from living in fairy tale stories, such as 'the snow and 7 short men', to staying in a practical world - a real lives. Through stories in the books the teenagers are likely to learn things happening in other families or other teenagers, so then they can know how to deal with their own troubles or at least they are not alone when know their situations are also somewhere on this earth. The positive effects are even better with adults because they have more knowledge and experiences than teenagers to judge, to learn and to practise efficiently things from the books' stories for their lives.
However, hmm, depending on the kind of books there should be a recommendation for 15+ age teenagers and frequency of reading. Reading too soon or reading too much could affect negatively to views of lives.

For me , i don't like dark book and horrible movies , because for me it look more dramatic and it is presenting ideas not exist on our live and its can bring fear to people in nothing . For example the clown who kidnapped children and no one know where he take them .

I don't like to read dark books.

Thank you very much! This lesson is exactly my level of English. And a very interesting one.


it has an error with the listening file. Could someone check for us?

Thank you.