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I spend all time in my bedroom specially on bed, bedroom is the safest place in the world for me , i do everything in there such as studing ,watching movie, praying, chatting, having meals...etc , in that place i never feel bored

The room I spend the most time in is currently my kitchen. We have a so called open kitchen. It means there're three arias in one room: a dining room, a living room at the kitchen itself where you cook the meal. We moved to this flat 6 months ago, therefore we still sleep in our kitchen on a couch. We definitely have to buy a double bed for our bedroom and then we can sleep there.

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Usually , I spend Most of time at living room , beside it I have a desk and a chair , I sit there because I am studying the English Language to Improve my skills To communicate with people .

I spent most of my time in my bedroom, the bedroom is the place that I pray, study, do workout training, and memorize QURAAN in it.
I spend the most time in my bedroom. The bedroom is a place that I work, study, read... anyway, is the place I do the majority activities I have.
I spend more time in my room or living room i study in my room , some time watch film on my laptop .. Usually eating beak fast , lunch and diner in living room . Some times i spend more time in kitchen make sweets ...
I spend more time in the study room because i like to study and i have do university work and living room on the second floor, because i like to see movies and series.
I live in a small apartment so I don't really have a choice. I spend most of my time in the living room. Because otherwise, unless I go to the kitchen to cook, I'll have to stay in the bedroom day and night and that's not very enjoyable!!


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The room I spent the most time is my room. I can play game or watch movie in there all day without going out.
I spent most my time in my bedroom because I used bedroom to sleep, to work even eat in it (lol). But now I rent and share a flat with my friends and I spend most time in the living room because my flat is so basic and tiny especially so hot, however the living room is cooler, I like it very much, I can sit on the floor, use my laptop or my phone, listen to music, turn on the fan and chill >
As my flat is quite little, I spend most of my time in the living room where I work and which is also my bedroom and my dining room. I'm lucky to have a separated kitchen from the rest of my flat to cook. I think this the second place where I spend most of my time.
I roome spend much time in the living room, beacuse look tv, and study english, i listen music too.
I spend most of the time in the study room on the second floor. Recently I stay at home because of Covid-9, but my dad works in a vacant office building by necessity.
The most time I spend in living room cause I have small flat with two rooms, one of them we can call a living room.
Usually I spend the most time in the living room,In this place I can relax and watch TV.Then I go to the kitchen to prepare meals and foods. After a long day I take a shower in my bathroom. At night I go to the bedroom and sleep that make me more comfortable.
Usually I spend most time in bathroom or washroom.You know, these are a good places for thinking!!!. Dose anyone accept this ?
I spend the most time in the living room because I watch TV and talk with my family there,
I spend more time in the kitchen because in my house is open concept kitchen, then can to watch TV while eating lunch or dinner for example.
I spend the most time in the living room, where I talk to my family, watch tv, and work with the laptop.
In the bedroom, I feel more comfortable because of that I always allocate the best big skylights room for it. I divide its space to study, sleep, watch TV, and keep my plants.
Hello M. Kirk happy New year. Please when I interact my reply doesn't appear in comment. please can you assist? According to the topic I most spend my time almost at kitchen

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