Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Hello, Everybody! I have rarity golden earrings with beautiful pattern. It's present from my grandmom. There are many various rucksacks in my closet, because I have two small kids. I don't like the necklace and bracelets. I'm dreaming about leather gloves and belt. I use only sunglasses in sunny days because I have healthy eyes yet. I have only two bags: black, yellow colored. I don't have any hats and caps.

Yes, I have a some bracelet and a cap. I usually put on these two accessories when I go outside everywhere. I love it's so much.

Hi every one. How is it going?
For me I have got all the above things or accessories except a cap. I haven't had it yet. I love beautiful rucksacks because of l use it more for work and travel. I have got many of them. Also, I like jewelleries. Two years ago before I had my daughter I renewed my jewelries, the golden ones. I bought four necklaces and, for me and my daughters. I also have got five bracelets, three set of earrings and one ring. I always wear medical glass for a computer. I have got many colorful scarfs because I don't go out without it.
I hope the teacher check my writing. Thank a lot.

Hello Fatony,

Thanks for your contribution! I'm afraid we don't correct our users' writing, but I'll mention a couple of things very quickly. First of all, 'because of' is used before a noun phrase ('because of their usefulness'), but before a phrase you should use just 'because' ('because I use them for work and travel'). The other thing is that 'glasses' is always plural, so you should say 'medical glasses'.

Well done and thanks again!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Using the rucksack my daughter bought me when sightseeing in London last week, it’s so convenient because it’s good enough big to put things inside.

Of Course! I have an Apple Watch. I got it from my mother as my birthday present last year. It makes me happy, healthy and convenient life style.I think my watch is one of the most important things of my life.

I used to wear rucksacks a lot when I was s student but now I do not. Also, I wear a belt to hold my trousers up, a gloves a cap and a scarf to keep warm during cold season in my country. I do not wear an earring because I am a male. Necklase is also not my point of interest because I think it is a wast of money.

I have a scarf, pocket, rucksack, watch and glasses. I use them every day then I can't go out without my glasses.

I have a very beautiful jewelry necklace. My ex-boss gave it to me as a gift. I love it so much, I never wear it because I'm afraid of making it old.

actually, I have too many earrings but i love the golden one and sometimes i wear small one looks like flower. i like all the things you mentioned except a hat and a cap.

I am not interested to collect accessories so much. But I love to wear earrings and I always wear.
I like to buy hats . I am interested about buying hats of different colours
Hi , everyone¡ I have a lot of earrings, bracelets and accesories. I love it. My coutry don¨t have weather seasons (tropical weather), then I ussually wear warm clothes and protect my head and face with a cap or a hat, and some glasses ...
I have a bag and i use it for go to gym, I fill it with shoes ,clothes , gloves and water bottle
This is such a good and fun way to learn vocabulary. The exercises are very entertaining.
I live in Mexico, in a little town, here when a woman is pregnant grannies think she need to use a bracelet with an image of a saint or a virgin, in order to have protection. When I was pregnant of my first child I wore a bracelet of Saint Benito.
I found the exercises on the site interesting. Very cool. The website is wide, with different types of activities. We can study reading, writing, listening and speaking. Very good.
I like to wear earrings because they are pretty, I also like to wear jackets and coats for the cold weather.
Yes, I do. My favorite accessory is my rucksack, I use it to carry my laptop. I treat it like my best friend because we spend most day together.
yes. I have got a bracelet as a present from my cousin. it`s black and white. I wear it every day. I love it.
It's 15 days or maybe 15+ I'm not using my rucksack because I don't have school or anything to do outside till now.
My glasses are the accessory that is special for me because it is a gift from my father. My father gave that a year ago. The glasses are simple but elegant at the same time. What most I like about the glasses is that their lens can be automatically adjusted depending on the sunshine.
I wear my belt everyday to hold my trousers. So it's my favorite accesories or the accesories i use the most.
Yes, I really love all my earrings. Every day I put me them. I couldn't live without them.