Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Thank you, this pages make me more fluent in english. Thank yu British Council so i can more promote my Dimsum Halal to all over the world with english.
No, I don't have accessories that is special in some way. But actually, I like many kind of accessories: earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring. I also like hat, cap, belt, and bag. All have its own specialities to give shapes/look/image to people who wear it. And I also learn that each one of them has its own meaning, purpose, and function related to the individual owner life and history and or related to the society's culture and history. The combination of all the accessories you wear give a complex story about you, some are comforting/pleasant to others around you, some are annoying others around you.
I have many accessories. On my 6-th birthday, my daddy bought me a couple of gloves and a cap. They're beautiful and I very liked it. Last year, I got a scarf for my best friend and he was fond of this birthday presents. I also bought for my mom an earrings since she lost one. Yesterday, my grandparent gave me a necklace and a belt as gifts for my study. Now, I'm washing my rucksack 'cause it's so dirty and I need them to carry things in my wonderful summer trip.
i usually use a hat to protect my head from the sun when i go for a walk ouside. It is really useful for me everyday
brilliant amazing great lessons that you have i still learning how to improve my English thanks a lot for these lessons
Yes,I have earring which they are very special for me because, I bought them with my first salary. I am wearing them everyday.
l have some scurf. i like accessories. i have some earrings and neck less and bracelets.
I like accessories, I have many of them , stone necklace , earrings , rings ... I love them very much.
I like accessories, so l have quite much such as a necklace, a bag , a rucksack. The most meaningful accessory to me is the big one of bracelet. This is a gift from my aunt who passed way in last month . I always keep it in my small bag, so this is really special to me . Whenever I feel unhappy, just looking at it cheers me up right away .
I have just had a big bonus because of well done, so I'm going to buy presents for my family tomorrow. I'll buy a bag for my mom because mom's bag is very old. My brother need a belt to hold his trousers up. My sister in law absolutely love wearing jewelry so I buy earrings, a necklace and a bracelet for her. Besides, I will choose a hat and a rucksack for my niece, she is a pretty girl and i love her so much. Finally, I think I spend a sum of money for my father because he doesn't live Viet Nam now. yeahh, this is my plan. And I only wait until tomorrow to go shopping.
I went to my friend's birthday party last week, and I bought bracelet for her because she's loved it. And about me, I have some necklaces and bracelets and earrings in my accessories. One of them was bought with my husband, Sina. I must buy one belt because I lost it.
Thanks i had once a beautifull barcelet that my friend gave it to me in special celebration i kept it for there years but finally i lost it somewhere in one of my travels
Hi, Yes I have one special scarf that my father bought for me around 17 years ago. It's quite close to me because he purchased it for me for a very special occasion.
Do you have an accessory that is special in some way? Tell us about it. I have a special cap and i love it . my brother gifted it for me when i was 10 years old
yes, i have golden ring from my mom i love it very match and it looks so good on my hand.
Hello everyone, who wants to be my friend? I really want to learn English better
Hey! I'm from the Philippines and I do appreciate studying and practicing on how to speak in English. After all these years, I am certain that my English speaking skills improved a lot. Thank you very much for creating such an awesome website! I hope someday I could have a conversation with a British person for REAL. By the way, I'm not quite a big fan of accessories, but I use them if necessary. :)
I have a pretty necklace which is given by my husband in my weedin. But now i do not use it .
My favourite accessories are cap and rucksack, however I also need glasses every day because I have myopia and astigmatism.
I lose my glasses so I have to buy a other glasses. I felt bad because the glasses was bought by my wife.
I have some bags and a rucksack. They have different sizes. When i go to work i often wear a small bag to carry my mobile phone, a lipstick, some money. When i have a trip i use a rucksack to contain my clothes, my wallet, some cosmetics, an umbrella in case it's rain and etc. Sometimes i wear glasses to protect my eyes from the sun and the mosquitoes.
Yes, I do. My mother bought me a pair of glasses before she died. That glasses are special for me.
I won't wear an accessory on Thursday I'm sick of covering up I'm tired of feeling so broken I'm tired of falling off  Sometimes I'm shy and I'm anxious Sometimes I'm down on my knees Sometimes I try to embrace all my insecurities So I won't wear an accessory on Thursday 'Cause who I am is enough ( ꆤωꆤ )y─┛
No, I don't. Because the accessories are not very special to much for me, they are only important for wear them.
I have general questions. If the level of my English language is elementary or intermediate. should I start learn from learn English teens or from learn English adult website?. What is the different between the two websites?

Hello elobied

LearnEnglish is made for adults (people 18 and older) and LearnEnglish Teens is made for people between 13 and 17. Both sites have materials at a range of levels, from A1 to C1 -- the difference is in the topics and the ways the topics are treated.

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