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B2 English level (upper intermediate)

i love football so much and i was good goalkeeper and i have got many prived cups and medals even many people motived me one day i wil become professional footballer but now i stopped football and went to work in ksa now my age is 29 years old and i still wont to back to football again after finished my work contract coz i love it.

I only watch international competitions. I wonder wether my son will like playing football. I want him to go to a football club near our home. There are three football pitches next to us. In summer when the weather is good, they play outside. Otherwise they also have a sports hall inside.

Yes, I’m a soccer fan and I love the big six teams of England Premier League. Also, there are two teams in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona which matches I won’t miss out anyone completely.

I like football. I'm a fan of Barcelona. I think themost important match of the world is Barça-Real Madrid. This is the match which mostly I want to watch. Nowadays a lot of team passing hard days because of COVID-19. Teams stayed in a hard sitiuation by to pay players' salaries of million dollars. Also I think the worst side of football is leaving of Messi from Barcelona.
Yes I am a football fan. I was also a football team member of my university level team. The England football team is my favourite team.
i did correctly the points 1 to 4, but the last one was a little bit challenging! I really liked it. Greetings to all the people of England from Colombia!.
I am crazy about watching football match especially arsenal. I've been supporting arsenal team for ages. But now, it is so hurtful to watch arsenal match. The team has been facing lots of problems. I hope they can built the better team one day. I really miss the old days in the Highbury Stadium.
Hello, Sir Could you please tell which one is the correct answer - It's against the.......not to wear seat belt in a plane. a. rule b. regulation c. law d. order I really appreciate your help. Best Wishes
I used to be a fan of Galatasaray in Turkey but now I am not. Playing and watching football is entertaining. I've realized that footballers earn too much money by just running after a ball and most of them don't deserve this. Fotball industry increases income inequality especially in developing countries. On the other hand, I hate fanatics. Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe fanatics fight and even can kill each other.
yes, of course, I am a Football fan. I am from Argentina. We love Football. It is almost a religion here. I am a Newell´s Old Boys supporter. This team is famous because Leonel Messi started his career here. It is located in an industrial city near Buenos Aires called Rosario. this team is also famous around the globe because of the Leeds United´s head coach " Marcelo Bielsa" recently champion and promoted back to the Premier Liga. Newell´s t-shirt is red and black. Oh man it´s gorgeous!.
I was football fan for real madrid club and I was support to the football player renowned Christiano Ronaldo number 7, but when he gone from real madrid club to juventus club, then he's started to play in juventus club, so I don't care football maybe I watching some matches and but I didn't used to watch about football.
Even though I'm not a football fan, I have a favourite team, FC Barcelone, I've been supporting them for many years; actually, I became a fan of that team since I met my husband because he is very keen on football and a good player too. He used to play with a third division team. he's been watching the Spanish league and supporting FC Barcelone since he was 15 years old.
I'm a football fan and used to play it a lot before I get injuries. I cheer for PSG (Paris) and Chelsea (one of London teams). PSG just lose the Champions League final against Bayern Munich...such a pain..it was the first time of our history (since 1970) we reach this stage of the competition. We gained experience and will come better for next season.
Yes I'm a football fan.I used to play football few years ago when I was at high school.i really love football.
actually I don't like to watch football match. I don't like it because when I watch a football match, I don't understand at all like rules,...LOL But when my country team attend any football match , I always support them. I hope they will win and they can be received the cup >
I like to play soccer, whwn I have free time, I try to go the stadium, and see the game, some times it is very interestand, cause the referee do no do his work well, some times the linesman get mistakes, the interesting is when the team make a goal, whole the peoples or fans shout, and the whistle fall is very noise, is it amasing when the game start in the center circle, or when someone get a penalty into penalty box, in the fiel or pitch, sometimes I because the game gets very funny, owhever I love this, when my team favortite get up the cup, its the most important sucessusfull
Yes, I am football fan. In my country, there are many soccer teams. My favorite team is Flamengo, which is the most popular of Brazil, with more than 30 millions fans. Its color is red and black. Its city is Rio de Janeiro. The major footballer of Flamengo's history is Zico. Its slogan is "we are a nation". Its biggest opponents in Rio de Janeiro are Vasco, Fluminense and Botafogo.
I am a football fan. In my town, there are two big teams: Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade. I cheer for Red Star Belgrade unlike most of my friends. Red Star Belgrade is the greatest team from Serbia and the whole Balkans. In season 2018./2019. in the group stage of Champions League, Red Star Belgrade beat Liverpool 2-0 in Belgrade (unfortunately lost in Liverpool 4-1). Even after that, we still finished the group stage as 4th (last). This season (2019./2020.) we were horrible and finished up last in the group stage, Olympiakos was better after a suspicious penalty in 90th (last) minute. But, Red Star Belgrade is important for one more thing, we won a Champions Cup, (elite football competition before Champions League was invented.) and Clubs World Cup in football, all in season 1990./1991. Hope it changes back to good old times.
Actually I like football matches a lot, especially when my favorite team play with other it is amazing load voices flags and whistles along the match
In Serbia, Red Star Belgrade especially, we have very loud fans with flags and torches. They always make amazing choreography before the match starts. I like cheering, it's even better at Champions League or Europa League.
Of couse, I am fan of football. My favourite team is Vietnam, the top football team in Asean.
No, I'm not a football fan. I don't really like the football, for that I don't have any favorite team.
No, but I like football and watch it on TV. My favourite team is Esteghlal in Iran and Real Madrid in Spain.
No, I am not a football fan, I do not like football so, I do not have any favourite team.
Of course I'm a football fan and my favorite team is Borussia Dortmund. I also have a season card for all the home games in the stadium. It is called Signal Iduna Park but the real and old fans of Borussia Dortmund still call it Westfalenstadion because it is the old name of the stadium. The stadium was build in 1974.
I like Manchester United because I am a fan of David De Gea. He is one of the top 3 best goalkeeper and I want to be like him.
Hi, I am Rain from Yangon, Myanmar. I go to ISM and my favorite soccer team is Manchester United. I like that team because they mostly score their goal(s) at about the last minutes.
Hi there, glad to see everybody here sharing their insights about an interesting content.Of course I like football especially when I was participated in it .My favourite team is Juventus also known as an Old lady .In my opinion it is wonderful team because it has sophisticated history and obviously it has passed various hurtles before establishing its superiority and obtaining numerous fans all around the world .Moreover the supervisors of the teams always continue to strive and they try to combine old school players with youngsters by adding experienced players.
I am a fan of football, my favorite team is Barcelona they have talented footballers specially the best for me is called Leonel Messi . Barcelona won several cup of Champions league and Messi won price of the best player of Europe more than 5 rimes