Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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I have a beautiful bracelet , actually it is a gift from my girlfriend when we were studying at university
I have a lot accessories because I really like, and all day I wear earrings, bracelet, necklace, rings but my favorite are the wristwatch, I have several though always I wear . I never wear scarf because I*m very short and think that they do not fit me well.
when i was young, around 4 or 5 years old, I had earrings made by strings and i love it a lot. Now i no longer keep it, i became a teenager, my mother gave me a necklace but when i put it on my neck, i felt uncomfortable and allergic so i took it off until now. (Lol), at the present, i have no any accessories on my body
I wear only wedding ring and watch. I don’t like wearing accessory. Perhaps I always lose them. But accessory looks good on beautiful body. Especially necklace.
I have a belt which i was given by my father 2 years ago, it costs 5$ and made of leather, it is 1meter long and the shape of buckle is H which is the first letter of my name. I really love my belt and i will treasure it because it is my father’ present.
Yes, I have. I like to wear accessories like a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. My country is not so cold to wear a scarf and gloves. I have more beautiful bracelets. I'm crazy about bracelets.
Fondamentaly I'm not keen on wearing accessories. In my dressing I have 2 belts because I'm not used to wear it. I usualy buy clothes suiting with my waist or dresses having already a belt as part of the design. As jewelleries I absolutly loves watches. I have only 2 of both necklaces and earrings in gold my body reject other material. The weather is too hot in my country for wearing gloves and the scarfs and hats are more appreciated by aged people.
YES! i have a necklace i really love it my friend gave it to me at my birthday last year .
In my country the weather is too hot, so I don't need to wear scarfs and gloves, as part of my daily clothings, but I use my bag for carrying my personals stuff to my job. I love very much to wear jewelry, such watch, bracelts, necklace and rings.
Well, yes I do. I often wear my rucksack to carry my laptop, my bottle of water, sometimes my phone and other accessories. Besides, I wear a cap to cover my head and face from the sun radiation.
It is sad because I usually lose my important things and accessories, but right now I have a necklace that I love, it was a gift from me to me.
my special accessory that I have is a shirt that my brother gave me that I use a soccer jersey as a child
If I have a sports lock that my mother and grandmother gave me and I am very fond of it
I am a nun, so that I don't have earrings or necklace. But I usually wear my Institution's simple in front of check. I also have a watch, it is useful for me.
Let me see. My hat can be. I have this accessory much time is special because my father gives me for my birthday.
I have a lot of accessories that I really love it. They all are very special for me because they are attached with different memory .They are earrings, scarf,cellphone cap etc.
I have mobile phone And i am learning through My mobile phone so i can say that i am not wasting my time
Well, I have got a very necessary accessory. Sometime, I hate it, and I vould like to throw it away... But, I can't leave it alone. what does is going to do without me ? It 's my electronic cigarett which is always in my bag, in my pocket, next to my book et my computer..
I have a bracelet which my two younger sisters also own the same design and a black wristwatch my fiance bought for me. They both remind me of people I love so I hold them dear.
Hi! A very good afternoon to all, I have a very special accessory that is my wrist watch. I got this as a good luck gift from my best friend for my interviews and campuses. I still wear it whenever I go for any important events. That is very lucky for me.
I have a laptop, this is a necessary tool for me. I using the laptop for work and learning
I haven't very special accesory but I have different accesories. For example watch, skin belt, keychain, smartphone, scaf etc. In these smartphone is the most important. But in this days I think that mask is more important.
A heart shaped pendent, this story is very close to me because this is one of the beautiful memories that i have with my friends the time that i had spent with them in Doha, Qatar. We 5 of us have the same pendent which we gifted each other on Valentine's day.
yes I have a silver ring which i made in indea. it has special design and color I always keep that as memory of my indea trip because its my habit to keep one thing as memory from each trip in my life .
I have a silver bracelet, I bought it during Tet Holiday and it's very special. Of course, I consider it a god of luck in my work and my life. Are you sure you don't believe me? It helps me avoid evil because I feel like there's always someone to protect me.
My daily accessory are earrings and the necklace. For a good woman, for some women these are the most important accessories.

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