Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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A2 English level (pre-intermediate)

Hi O'Prata,

There are a couple of differences.

  • A schoolbag is any bag for carrying school things. It can be different types of bag, like a bag you carry on your back (a rucksack or backpack), or a bag that hangs from your shoulder (a satchel).
  • A rucksack can be for any purpose, not just for carrying school things.

So, a rucksack is also a schoolbag if you use it to carry your school things.

Does that make sense?


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Anwar68,

I think you mean 'backpack' here.

Backpack is the more general word. It can describe any kind of back you wear on your back with straps going over your shoulders and under your arms. It could be a small thing you take to work with a laptop and a few pens and books, or it could be something larger for travelling.

Rucksacks are a type of backpack which are used for hiking, trekking and camping. They are designed for outdoor use and for carry clothes, a tent, camping equipment and so on.



The LearnEnglish Team

I like accessories and I have a lot. My best one is a black scarf that is gift of my daughters
hi, i don´t use or buy accessory but i like to gift for holidays or birthday is sweet and take it for special occasions
I don´t usually wear accesories. I use some but they're basics and also depends on the season or where I go. I always wear glasses because I can't see very well without them.
I have three earrings in my ears and I wear necklace sometimes but I don't like other accessories
Yeah I'm very familiar with belt as a boy. The most interesting thing is to share with you is "I wear belt even when my pant is fit or tighten because in the beginning I used to wear belt to fit my pant with waist and now I wear belt to feel comfort as I'm habitat with it.
I'm in love with earrings! Not a single look is complete without them. I can't say the same about braceletes. I don'thave them at all.
Hello dear Maria Once upon a time I prepared myself to study in Belarus but unfortunately I couldn’t fill my wish though I've all the requirements which are needed to study over in Belarus. Best of Luck
Yeah, I have bracelet and footchain which are made up by myself that are special for me. I usually wear these because I love it. It is not expensive things but It is valuable for me.
I love wearing silk scarves. These are my favorite accessories. But I have one that is very special to me. It's a beautiful silver necklace with a small christ on it, which I got when I was baptized. This little thing is always with me.
My husband gifted me a diamond ring which is very unique and special one for me
My special accessory, if i can say that, is my rucksack. It is a known brand, black and spacious, that's why I use it for uni. It gives me the ability to carry big books, my notebooks, my laptop, other writing stuff and even a bottle of water, umbrella and my mobile phone. It was a gift by my uncle Jim and has made my life easier..
i don't have something like this because i am careless i lose any accessory in a short time that is a talent :)
In 2010 I received a gift: a beautiful and very warm scarf. I have used it for ten years. The material of this scarf is realy good!
Yes, I have many accessories that I like . Among them, I like my bear doll so much. My first student gave me this one in 2016. This is my first time that someone gave me bear doll. I really like this one and I put it my bed until now and it is my friend and my partner for every moment of my life. I tell all about myself to it whenever I am happy or I am sad.
I have many scarfs in my wardrobe. I always use a watch and watch is a gift from my girlfriend that's the reason valuable for me. I have two glasses protect from the sun and eye health.
I had bought a belt bag when I was going to Vini Vici concert. I needed a small and safe bag because I knew it was so crowd and dynamic. My belt bag is made from jean and its zipper is red. I deem competible the colours. I can wear it with all my cloths.
Yes, I have. I have glasses, lucky bracelet and watches. I usually use them to make style better. I also put on my glasses when I go out by motorbike for protecting my eyes against dusts, insects into my eyes. My favorite accessories are watches because It’s made my looking styler than normal. How’s about you, please share with me ❤️❤️❤️
yes, I have .That is my glasses.This is the first one when i wear glasses.When i had an accident and then i lost.
yes i have my lovable accessory....that is my fabulous Watch. I liked to wear my watch on my right hand only...Whenever i see that watch, it remembers "this moment(good or bad situation) is not permanent.. one day it will change.." so i enjoy each & every moment in my life by doing the things what i love & to save those moments as sweet memories in my heart & mind. Not only that watch gives memories but also that watch is a super motivator...Think that watch is repair which means stopped.... stopped watch is right twice a day..yup nothing in the world is ever completely you still think a broken person cannot be productive? LIFE TEACHES US TO MAKE A GOOD USE OF TIME.. WHILE TIME TEACHES US THE VALUE OF LIFE.
Yes I have one. I wear a wristband which my mother gave me as a gift. I love wearing it. It is elegant and nice both.
yes, i have, i have a belt, a cap and scarf ( i dont use that) i usually use the belt when i go to the school, and the cap when the sun is raised
Yes, I do. I have got two pairs of gloves and I wear them theses days because it's winter in my country.
I'll go shopping tomorrow and will buy new bracelet and earrings, that matsch to the necklace I already have. I need also new gloves for autumn.