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What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!

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Since my house is on the main road, I can usually find traffic lights , street lights and some crossings. In the downtown, there are many people gathering at the square especially on weekends. There are about 5 roundabouts in my city. Traffic jumps are always happen on every morning , especially on rush hours.

Along the crowded avenue I live nearby, you can find gas stations, markets, pavements, crossings, corners, street lights, bus stops, and some traffic lights two blocks away from my house. Also, in strange cases, you can find traffic at the crossroads near the market (from which my house is three and a half blocks apart) on Sunday evening.

I live in the beautiful part of Wroclaw city and I can see near my house two crossing, not busy road, in 2 minutes of drive there is one roundabout and everywhere there are traffic lights.Also we have street lights everywhere

I remember of crossroads, traffic lights, signposts, street lights, corners, pavements and crossings.

in my village there are street lights on the roads, but they are ot working. no traffic lights or crossing exist here, you drive as you wish, roads are full of holes, you need here an American car, cars like kia .... if fall in a hole will not escape . the problem with these cars is tht they need lots of fuel, and the govenment eliminate all supports due to the economic crisis

I live in a building and it is inside a small society all of the roads in our society are in proper condition, which makes driving easy, you'll also see lots of street lights and crossings also. I usually see kids riding skates or bicycle on the pavement, having strong roads and pavement is so important to prevent accidents there is another society close to us and the roads are damaged from heavy raining and many accidents have taken place over there. This one time a kid fell from his bicycle and he broke his leg because of the damaged roads.

Our house is in the Safir BLV. and it is four stories, and my home is on the third floor, there is a crossroads near my home, It's name is Sarbaz, there is o lot of traffic on the Safir street, and there is a lot of street lights in the middle of the street and on the corner of street,

Almost all of these things I can see in my hometown. It’s a little bit different that there are traffic lights set in front of roundabouts close the centre of Edinburgh.

There's some street lights in the street where my house is located. At the corner of the main road and my street, signpost is available too. Signposts are available for almost every streets and roads.

I live in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. It's a big town. Not a city of millions but it's the biggest in our country. We have all of these 'things' in our city. And we have a problem because we don't have good roads for bicycles and motorcycles. Because of that many people ride them on the pavement and many accidents happen.
In the center there are lots of signposts so tourists can find attractions easily.

I live in Krasnodar (it's a city in Russia) and of course we have all that things, as you said, and we also have a problem about cyclists. They are everywhere (on the road, on the pavement, near pavement). On the one, hand it's really annoying but, on the other hand, I can understand them because they just don't have special roads for bikes/

I live in Madrid, Spain, it is a big city. The main square is Plaza Mayor and Cibele Square, both are located in the centre of city. In the street and roads you can find traffic lights or roundabout, but I can say that is more common roundabouts than traffic lights. I think roundabouts are more safe than traffic lights. All the streets in Madrid has crossing and signpost.
I live in a small town, when I go out, I can see multiple traffic lights , corners that lead to crossing lines, and normally, lots of traffic.
Near my home there are roads, pavements, traffic lights, crossroads, corners, street lights, crossing and sing posts.
I live in an area near the city center; therefore I can see a crossroad, the pedestrian crossing and the pavements, but there are neither traffic lights nor bus stop.
near to my home i can see street lights, trafic lights, roundabout, crossing, crossroad and signepost. I leave in the city center
I can see the road,crossroad,pavement and traffic lights from my window. Here is no square,signposts and roundabouts near my home. But it is crossroad and bus stop not far from my home.
I can see the corner and pavements from our balcony. the traffic lights are 5min away from our home. the bus stop is within walking distance from home. there isn't crossing and roundabout near my home. there are street lights in front of my home to help people can see clearly.
Wow, it took me some time to consider "pavement." I almost forgot it's the BrE version for the AmE "sidewalk."
In my village, there are many traffic lights on the street. At night, they turn on the street lighs to help people can see the road clearly.
In my hometown, there are no roundabouts, crossing, pavement anfd traffic lights because it is not a big city.
I live in a small town, a village, where there are no traffic lights, crossings, crossroads, roundabouts, and signposts, here there's only a road that crosses the town from north to south, the only one traffic lights that someday existed was broken by the people. There are two squares, one biggest than the other, but the two are nice.
Near my town,there are signposts,traffic light,roundabouts,pavements and street lights.
here near, traffic lights, crossing, crossroads, roundabouts, roads, pavement, signposts, street lights
Near to my house are traffic lights, signposts, pavement, crossing, street light, croassroads , roads. cause i live in City center .
Roundabouts, traffic lights, crossings, crossroads and so others except of pavment. In my town also country we have so little pavements.
There is a crossings leading to the park near my home. Besides, there are also many traffic lights on the road near the park, one at the T- junction and a few at the cross road behind the park. Along every road, there are lots of street lights, 1 meter apart each other which shine brightly in the evening and before dawn. Beside the park is a square. It is very important to have crossings, traffic lights and street lights on the road to ensure road safety and smooth traffic especially near the park where lots of people meet everyday.
Hello everybody. Near to my house there is an aroundabout called Chapalita beside its very popular for make a holidays. All my neighborhood has street lights, and on the corner there is signs post and traffic lights.
If I look out my window I see some street lights. By the way I am living at a corner of a street!
In my street we can see a road that not is very circulated, also we can see a corner in the crossroads. In the down of the street we can see a roundabout which is very circulated everyday. To finish, there're a two or three crossings in the roads.
The streetlights near my home are fade out and the pavement has been ruined by heavy rain.
i can see a lot of corner and the main street is in the front of us also there is a park
the traffic lights and signpost round about every thing is important who drive the car
I live in a neighborhood of a big city. Not far from my home is a bus stop. We can also see many signposts the corners of some roundabouts,this enables users to easily choose their way. Early in the morning, traffic is very dense due to the fact that many go to work as well as those who go to schools. It is always very difficult to leave from one place to another at rush hours and it's better not to waste time on crossings for some indisciplined drivers don't mind giving way to people on foot. More to that, pavements are not secured enough. My favorite time is at night fall when street lights turn on. All the roads become so bright and it's really very beautiful to admire.
Near my house,there is a road, bus stop and some sign posts. There is also a street light and many corners. But there are no traffic lights, no square, no cross roads, no roundabouts and no crossing. Traffic is always there on main road.
Near my house there is a crossing for people, signpost for drivers and street lights. The only thing missing is a suitable stop for the bus and avoiding more traffic
My house is located near the main roads, we are near the square and the streets have public lighting.
My house is in the corner of crossroads. there are four traffic lights and crossing in evrey side of the street. more further than my house there is a roundabout with signposts.