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People in my place drink all kind of juices. I also like all kind of drinks except beverage. I don't like beer or alcohol or wine. I can't drink these.

The most famous drink in my country is coffee. I like it, but I preffer to drink water.

What do people drink where you live? What's your favourite drink?

where i live people like to drink coffee and my favourite drink is tea.

Where l live ,people drink tea, water. My favorite drink is milk, it have taste good. Good for health, have many energy for act all day. Sometimes l drunk beer with my friends. We got happy this moment.

My favourite drink is definitely water, it keeps me energetic during the day. And it's especially important now because I'm breast-feeding.
In the country I live that's beer that is very popular.

In my country, everyone loves tea, they drink tea everywhere and every time. But I don't like tea very much. I like coffee, milkshake and juice.

Where I live in Morocco, people there drink alot of tea, my Mum loves coffee and she drink it all the time...

I'm from Portugal. I live in the north of the country near Spain. The most famous (typical) drink here is white wine. But in the summer people usually drink beer too. I prefer water during the meal and black coffee to awake. I only drink wine in the holidays on my birthday for example

I live in Burma. There are a lot of ethnic groups in Burma. Each groups possess their culture. So I think they have different kinds of drinks.
But I’m sure almost about 80 percents of people living in village like to drink tea in the morning.

usually , where i live they drinking Arabian coffee , But i am not loving Because it taste is bitter. My favored drink is tea with milk i loving so match . but now i am not drink it because i stopped to take something with sugar , often I take some of Nescafe with out sugar with dates

Where I live, people usually have breakfast with milk or coffee plus a glass of juice or water. Beer and wine are pretty popular drinks too but you are allowed to drink them only if you are an adult and you will only drink them when you go out with your friends. Maybe you can also drink a glass of wine accompanying dinner.
In Egypt, we usually have tea after almost each meal. Some people have coffee in the morning and others have milk. We don't drink beer or wine, as they are not allowed, however, there are some people drink beer and wine. I like to drink milk each morning, have tea after lunch and juice after supper.
In my country, people drink tea, coffee, cola, water, orange juice, milk , lemonade. My favourite drinks are coffee, water, hot chocolate, milkshake, salep, chocolate milk.
In my country, the normal drinks are tea, coffee, juice, and soft drinks, the beer and wine are not allowed.
Where I live people drink various beverages, for example, people drink a lot of coffee but also people drink tea or chocolate. People drink a lot of beer in the evening but they also drink wine. I like to drink chocolate, tea, beer and wine.
In my country, green tea is one of the most popular drinks. They also like coffee and some people drink it every morning. I like them too and often enjoy having milk tea.
In my country, the people drink coffee almost everyday. They like drink beer, juice and soda. But I love drink a coffee brazilian. It's delicious.
hello us in france your favorite drink is coffee and lime c chocolate and finally the milkcheak :)
In Russia, very popular drinks are coffee, tea and various fizzy drinks. I like to drink coffee every morning and tea the rest of the time.
There are so many kinds of drinks in China.When we have dinner with others ,we usually drink baijiu ,wine and beer.When we have afternoon tea with friends ,we often drink coffee or milk tea.My favourite drink is milk tea, you can add honey, red beans, jelly or everything you like in it.It tastes good, if you get a chance you can try it.
mostly people drink depend on the time or condition and my favorite drink is tea or lemon
Mostly it depends on time of the day In the morning we usually drink Tea in afternoon We take juice or milk shake for hydration of the body. My favourite drink is Milk
My family likes to have coffee and milk in the mornings, in the afternoons juice with ice or fizzy drinks and in the evening some tea. I like to drink coffee and beer
My favorite drink is beer and wine, I drink it once a week. People in my city drink ceveza and a lot of tequila, although they also drink coffee and juice in the morning.
In my house we drink coffee every day, in the morning and in the evening, at lunch we drink water and rarely drink Coca-Cola. My favorite drink is coffee.
In my country, most people drink fizzy drinks, mostly children. It is really bad for health. As for me, I don't like this fizzy drinks. I drink just only sometimes this drinks. Mostly I drink water because it is good for health and good for our skin.
A doctor says taking a moderate amount of coffee a day works to keep me in good health. REA---lly? :)
In my country, Turkey, people have lots of option to drink. At breakfast almost everybody drink tea infact we drink tea all time. Esspacially with food with meat they drink "ayran" which is made by yogurth. If you mix yogurth, water and a bit salt you made "ayran".  We have special coffee called Turkish Coffee. After any meal people can drink coffee. Before breakfast drinking coffee is not usual here. Even in the past people offered their guests turkish coffee and water. If the guest drank water first, the host understood the guest was hungy :) We have also "Raki", it is made anisi and alcohol and drink with water. I love drinking coffee. Every morning I prepare my decaf coffee with mocha pot and put into my thermos and drink all day.
people drinks in my live usually is coffee the drink in breakfast beacuse many people in here a smoker and favorite my drink is tea beacuse apart form a not a smoker,it is very delicious and feels good in my body
My favorite drink is fruit juice. Where I live, the people drink many things, They drink coffee, tea, milk and juice...
I like cold drinks such as cola , cold water , natural juice , and some times in the morning at breakfast maybe take cup of tea .... the people in my country are loved tea drink , few of them are loved coffee drink see you later .....
my drinks favorite is coffee, it made for me wake up to work and coffee in Vietnam is the most delicious taste, here very famous were to have a lot of coffee in the world, I often drink it with milk, I like drink sweeter. In addition, I also drink juice to orange, apple, melons, ...very healthy, and weight loss. Sometimes tea hot also my choice to help me relax, reduce stress. It's great to sit down to see nature and enjoy a cup of hot tea.
i drink coffee because its my favorite. in my country most of the people love to drink tea.
There are many people drink wine and beer in my country. I think that is not a good habit. My country's weather is very hot, so people used to add ice cubes into their drinks. I enjoy hot chocolate
Where I live people like drinking beer a lot, in parties, football matches, in discos or even during mealtime. Of course, they also like other drinks but beer consumption is quite high in this country. My favourite drinks are freshly squeezed juices and teas.
in my country morroco people drinks a lot of tea , for me i prefer coffee and juice of fruits


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Where I live people love drinking beer and alcohol a lot, but I don't like them. They are bad for me. Besides people also love coffee and there are many kinds for you to choose. I am too and I drink coffee every morning.
I prefer to drink a cup of coffee in the morning because this drink help my wake up))) I prefer to drink red wine when I eat meet. When it's cold at outside I like drink a hot chocolate or a cup of tea. I drink a lot of water every day.
In my opinion, people in my country really like to drink coffee because they drink it every time and everywhere. When getting up, they drink a cup of coffee for a new day and make them awake. When going to the coffee shop, they choose coffee, I think it is a popular drink in my country. And even in the evening also is coffee coffee, because it make them awake to work. As for me, of course, I like coffee too, especially instant coffee, I don't know the reason why I like it so much, just pour the boil water into available coffee power and maybe add some ice and enjoy it. Really good >,