Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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A2 English level (pre-intermediate)
yes. I have got a bracelet as a present from my cousin. it`s black and white. I wear it every day. I love it.
It's 15 days or maybe 15+ I'm not using my rucksack because I don't have school or anything to do outside till now.
My glasses are the accessory that is special for me because it is a gift from my father. My father gave that a year ago. The glasses are simple but elegant at the same time. What most I like about the glasses is that their lens can be automatically adjusted depending on the sunshine.
I wear my belt everyday to hold my trousers. So it's my favorite accesories or the accesories i use the most.
Yes, I really love all my earrings. Every day I put me them. I couldn't live without them.
Yes.i'm sure about it that people have some accessories that like a lot becouse someone bought them for her/him
I have a beautiful gold necklace. It's a special one because it was a gift from my mother in my weddings.
I have a sling bag of black color since black is my favorite color. The bag quality is very good. I carry all my important cards in it. It has total 3 pockets. It is the best bag I've ever bought!
One of my special accessories is a pink cap, this have a logo from my favorite baseball team, it's called "Leones del Caracas". And it gives me many memories of my country.
last month i went to trekking with my friends, it was in high altitude, so i put a hat on my head and wear gloves on my hands to keep them warm. I put glasses to protect my eyes from sun and we carried a all things in rucksack.
Yes, I've got a ring for almost 8 years or perhaps more! It is really important for me. I hope I never lose it.
I have a set of accessories when I go to a seminar. I'm a lucky person who Company chooses a lucky number and it's my number when I register for the event.
I like belt and glass because I when I use they I look a elegant person. So all place that I go, I'm with my belt and glass.
ı have a hat,scarf,gloves and sun glasses. i love using them. these accessories are my favorite.
I am very interested in my asseccories such earring and sun glasses. I used to useing this aseeccories
Thanks so much from your team. always keep us on new lessons. they can aid us to improve our knowledge. Yes exactly, I have some accessories that i have kept them. bxz somedays might can help us to do our work well and better. every new year i have bought some essential accessries that i need them. recently, i went to shops, they are located near my house. it was very cold day and i had to wear some coat and scarf in my neck to keep me warm. i bought new trousers as well a new hat. also my older brother ordered to buy new gloves and bought them...
I have a hat, some earrings, a bag and some scarfs. I saw a rucksack that was sold cheaply last week in IKEA but I did not buy it because it was unnecessary for the moment.
Yes, I like my rucksack, because fistly It is small and easy for to use. Moreover, I can to carry much things how my books, laptop, file and pens
Yes, I have a lot of bag and rucksack. I like my bags. And I always wear earrings and watch because I love it.
Yes. I have this earrings since I was a little girl. I'm 32 now and I'm still wearing them.

Hi O'Prata,

There are a couple of differences.

  • A schoolbag is any bag for carrying school things. It can be different types of bag, like a bag you carry on your back (a rucksack or backpack), or a bag that hangs from your shoulder (a satchel).
  • A rucksack can be for any purpose, not just for carrying school things.

So, a rucksack is also a schoolbag if you use it to carry your school things.

Does that make sense?


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Anwar68,

I think you mean 'backpack' here.

Backpack is the more general word. It can describe any kind of back you wear on your back with straps going over your shoulders and under your arms. It could be a small thing you take to work with a laptop and a few pens and books, or it could be something larger for travelling.

Rucksacks are a type of backpack which are used for hiking, trekking and camping. They are designed for outdoor use and for carry clothes, a tent, camping equipment and so on.



The LearnEnglish Team

I like accessories and I have a lot. My best one is a black scarf that is gift of my daughters
hi, i don´t use or buy accessory but i like to gift for holidays or birthday is sweet and take it for special occasions
I don´t usually wear accesories. I use some but they're basics and also depends on the season or where I go. I always wear glasses because I can't see very well without them.
I have three earrings in my ears and I wear necklace sometimes but I don't like other accessories
Yeah I'm very familiar with belt as a boy. The most interesting thing is to share with you is "I wear belt even when my pant is fit or tighten because in the beginning I used to wear belt to fit my pant with waist and now I wear belt to feel comfort as I'm habitat with it.
I'm in love with earrings! Not a single look is complete without them. I can't say the same about braceletes. I don'thave them at all.
Hello dear Maria Once upon a time I prepared myself to study in Belarus but unfortunately I couldn’t fill my wish though I've all the requirements which are needed to study over in Belarus. Best of Luck