An email request for help

Read an email asking for help from another department to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text
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When I send an email asking for help, I include simple words in the title. Those title must be easy for anyone to understand. And I have to write in few number of words as I can possible. If I don't have no time, I put the word "urgent" in the title. I think the email will stand out and recipient will able to find it quickly. Not only title, but text is also important. It is difficult to understand if the text is long. Important email should only write what I need. When I send an email asking for help, I write in a concise with everything.
If I send Email to asking for help, I had better to write three things in the Email. First one is a clearly title. I think it is very important things. If you have a time to helped another person, you have to explain easy to understand. Title can help to it. Second one is the body. It is most important part in the Email. You must write request’s information, date and so on. People who helping us may not be have a time. So you write In detail and clearly. And last, you most not forget “Thank you”.
I think I should put my heart into it. Because this is to prevent the other person from being asked to make you feel uncomfortable. I think that you should put your feelings in order for the other person to accept you.
I think there are two things we must include when we ask for help by email. One is to enter the time, and I think that you should also enter how long it is likely to take, although it is normal for the date and time. By telling the time, it can be said that unnecessary email exchanges are avoided. The other thing is that we should tell the person who will help us to do something thank you. When the person helping you is not too enthusiastic, we can feel good when we give something or a meal as a thank you. For these reasons, I think we should include the two in an email.
I think you should include the next things: - The reason why do you need help in the first place. Close deadline, lack of human resources, major force, etc. Your addressee has to know that's urgent and important and won't be permanently. - Then, it's great to explain why do you guess your addressee could help. Try to emphasize his or her strong points, needed experience, etc. - It's clear that you must inform about the time-line when the one will be involved in your business. So he or she can arrange his own affairs.
I will include some important contents when I should ask for help in email.First write down conclusion which I need to help and the reason.Second,write down the deadline of reply.If we don't know well each other,I have to do self introduction and show appreciation for it politely.
When I send an email for help, I include clear subject. It makes sentence easy to read, so the person who recieve an email can understand easier. Subject plays an important role in email. Also, I include polite language. It is for help that the reason I send an email, so I must use polite language. If I don't use it, our relationship get worse. Next time, I will not be helped anyone. There are many other things I include in an email for help. But I'm especially careful subject and polite language.
I think that I should include the things I want to tell someone exactly. There are two reasons. Firstly, if I were a person who receive an email, I would like to know details. Therefore, when I send an email, I will include what I want them to do. Secondly, it is a rude not to include what I want them to help exactly. I think whenever someone help me, I must act politely. So, it is important not abstract but properly. From two reasons, I should tell someone the things exactly when I send an email.
First, I think that I should include brief subject when I send an email asking for help. It is important to show content clearly. By doing so, it will not take much time to understand the content of email, and recipient can read email comfortably. Also, I think that recipient can easy to reply. Second, not forcing to help is important. I’m in a position to ask for help, not in a position to force to help. Therefore, I think that it is important to ask recipient about the date and place for the meeting. I should adjust to recipient’s schedule.
If I send an e-mail asking for help, I would make a clear title first. Simple title is important to easy to knowing detail. If a title is clearly, mail recipient can easy to understand and reply. The next is introduce and define my details. Doing it like that, mail recipient can accept me. The most important point is the body of mail. My idea is to write it briefly to reach the detail. As I am doing request, so I should use soft accents. We must not use the tone of command by mistake either. It is important that I do not forget the words of thanks if a reply comes. 
I have two things that we should include in an email asking for help. First, we should enter subject. When we enter subject, we must be contained in short sentences. Also, we must be written so that it can be easily understood to the other person. If we can't do this, it may be misunderstood by person receiving email. Seconds, we must be careful about wording. Don't let the other person feel uncomfortable. Especially, we should careful about our attitude toward superior.If we take a rude attitude, a person receiving email don't help us. It is important to write with polite language. I believe if we can do these things, a person receiving email will help me.
I wish if I could include a part of a lyric in an email asking for help. For instance, "Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Help!" "Now I see, it's You I need. And with Your help. Deny myself and put my hand in Yours."
First of all, If you ask for help, you should explain what you want to order briefly and concreatly. For instance, it's content, plan from now on or deadline day. And Next it's more good to explain why need your help. Because I think it's meaningful to explain why ask you. So when then, we should write down politely and we should carefully choose the words and phrases which are very important for interpreting our requests. In addition, Ay the end,Don't forget to write thank you.
first i"ll talk about the image of the product we want and then the deadline.make sure the designer will get the respect for their work,and talk about the price.
I think we should include a few important things in an e-mail for asking help. It is concrete dates and simple explanation about the feature of the product. If we give a few candidate of dates, be easy to reply for them. Also, if we give them information about the product before meeting, they can take more time to think about the product for more better idea.
If I send an email asking for help, I would include few topics. First, write down a subject. Subject is important to convey what I want to convey the most. Second, write down introduction about us. by doing so, recipients will understand what we are doing at a company. After I finish the introduction, I will tell them about asking for help and explain why we would like to ask them. Third, tell the date or ask the date when it would be convenient to have a meeting. Last, don’t forget to express gratitude for them. it is important to tell the asking for help. I believe most important thing when asking for help is to respect them and tell them not to be rude. This is the most basic of basics.
In my view, there are some important points that we shouldn't forget when we write an email to request for help. First of all, we should use a good and understandable structure. Then we should write down politely and we should carefully choose the words and phrases which are very important for interpreting our requests. Next, we should know the situation of people and our request must preferably be in a favour of them. Finally, using correct date, grammatical points, and not forgetting the apreciate part are another tips that we should be considered about them. Regards, Tayyebi
In my opinion, an email asking for help have to include: 1. Dates. 2. A polite language. 3. Some reasons, details and background. 4. An appoitment proposal. 5. The concrete matter about you asking for help. 6. Persons in charge. That's it.
In my opinion, an email asking for help should included: 1. A clear subject 2. Description of the request for which your need help. 3. Suggested a way a time to receive a response. 4. Always write in polite form and be careful to send the email to the correct person within the organization
I think that emails that ask for help should include their name, why they're in trouble, who to ask, what they want help with, and how they want help. In addition, it is very important to write the details of the content. And don't forget to thank you. I think it is important to write in a precise and concise manner when communicating your thoughts by email. And then review it for mistakes. I also make an e-mail by carefully determining the wording and the person to send. For example, when writing an email, be careful about using honorifics for teacher and superiors. Please tell me your idea about how to write an email that ask for help.
When we send the emails, we have to be careful about the construction of the text. The email written above is a mix of facts and what you want to convey, so it is hard to read. I think I should first write down what you want to tell most. In addition, I think the paragraph in the text of it should be changed. If compositions aren't divided into the paragraph, it's difficult for the person who receives the email to understand the contents of them. Correcting the form of typing an email will help you to learn good manners and build good relationships with other people.
If I email for help, there are a few things I should include. First, don't forget the subject. Create it so that you can understand it at a glance. At the beginning of the writings such as "I'm indebted to you" are omitted. Then write the message. And avoid ambiguous expressions in the text. Then write it concretely and concisely. Finally, after writing the closing words, enter your company, phone number, and your signature to complete the email. Anyway, it is important to write your emails concisely and clearly.
I think when I need some help, I would include explanation about what I'm doing and how effort that help would make. Because people help me would like to know whole things and they will be motivated by telling how their help would effect. And I also include my goal. That make us predict what to do for short helping each other. I think that's so simple, so we usually miss it that's the most important.
I will introduce what often use in Japanese business and is used as a meaning changed from the original meaning. The word HORENSO is used in Japan. The word true meaning of Japanese is spinach. However, we use as different meaning, too. Another meaning is HOKOKU, RENRAKU, SODAN in Japanese. So, the initials of those words are taken as one word. Meanings are in English report, contact, consultation.It is said to be the basis for doing business in Japan.My father taught me that before. If you're interested, please check it out because I think my poor English didn't make sense.
In an e mail for asking help i should include firtlsy why we need to this request. And then I would add my aims clearly. I mean what is the purpose of this goods when it arrive to the customers. Finally I would like specifically person who can contribute us.
Hello. my suggestion in an email is to explain better the request for help, the sort of activities and duration of James' work. Than it would be clearer for the parties.
This is the true order: 1. Salutation 2. Introduction 3. Brief Info 4. More details and notes (if there is) 5. Regards
What should be included in an e-mail on asking for help includes: - Aims and objectives. - Subject of the letter. - Permission from necessary authorities. - Date, time and venue. - Agenda of the meeting.
These are to be included in an e-mail of asking for help, such as: - Aims and objectives. - Subject of the meeting. - Taking necessary permission from any authorities involved. - Areas where help is needed. - Date, duration and, - Agenda of the meeting.
we should include in an email asking for help, all necessary informations such us: 1- all details of the person who need help. 2- what he need exactly with details. 3- precise who can help. just one person or all the team.
It is a complete short business email include of clear introduce and request, which are the structure of an email.
An email asking for help should include: the name of the department, the reason that is asking help, and clarify schedule work before the launching to be quickly and effective the meeting.
a good email asking for help include A clear subject, Description of the issue for which help is needed, suggest suitable time to helping person to get the issue fixed. always write in request and polite manner. and also show gratitude.
An emil asking for help should include; - about the problem currently face with. -beliefthat s/he can help. -appoinment to meet up.
Hey, everyone!! I should include a clear subject, a description of the problem, a suggestion of the meeting time and finally if you need some specific information to prepare your proposals.
Hello Kirk I don't really understand the meaning of this sentence below Do you have some time before close of business this Friday....... Could you explain it to me Thanks Nikolaos

Hello Nikolaos,

Which part of the sentence is confusing for you?



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Nikolaos

'close of business' means the end of the working day. Sarah is asking James if he can meet before finishing work on Friday. In a more specialised context, 'close of business' can also refer to when the stock market stops on any given day. People often work past that time, but officially trading does not occur.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

In email asking for help, first I will mention what kind of help I need. Then I will ask for convinient time and the important points.
I think a good email asking must be included a clear request, a proper description of the problem and setting a suitable time for the meeting.
The following should be included in an email asking for help : - Date - Clear Subject - A request in a good manner of a particular subject - Thank you note at the end
You must express a soft tone. The letter must be with examples and supporting statements.
Dear Mis Bayat The reception department responsible Hows it going . In advance i want to appreciate your perfect job ,you re offering an acceptable and satisfing duty . As you know we are at the beginning of unpeak time of the hotel so we should try our best to progress our own business ,it requies to concentrate on introducing more and more our job and expanding the ralated propaganda, In order to do our best we have to get in touch with the companies we have been working with more to improve our marketing well. we have to find other companies to start and expand our marketing with them then we encourage or invite them to have a contract with us to make a start to cooperate . as a result i request you to make a list of the companies we have been working with from 3 years ago . please do it in the first priority . it s so necessary to get it in hurry and to do it soon. im looking forward to the list. Great job yours sincerely Mehrazin Mehrjoo public relations manager
I should include in an email asking for help a short description on the reason of my request, the date, the hour and the location for the meeting, the request of a confirmation and a thanksgiving.