An email to confirm an appointment

Learn how to write an email to confirm an appointment.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

From: Arina Marat, HR Assistant
To: Jane Claret
Subject: Your appointment on 14 March

Dear Ms Claret,

Thank you for your email.

I am writing to confirm your appointment with our HR manager, Mrs Sofia Aronov.

Your appointment will take place at 3 p.m. on Thursday 14 March at our Astana offices in Emerald Towers. 

When you arrive, please go to the reception on the 26th floor and ask for me. I will take you to Mrs Aronov's office. 

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards,

Arina Marat
HR Assistant


1. If you don’t know the person well, start your email with Dear + the person’s name.

2. For women, use Ms + surname unless you know they prefer to use Miss or Mrs.

3. Say thank you if you are replying to their email.

4. At the start of your email, say why you are writing: I’m writing to + verb +… .

5. Write the day (Thursday), date (14 March) and place (our Astana offices in the Emerald Towers) clearly.

6. Explain clearly what they should do when they arrive for the appointment.

7. At the end of your email, you can say I/We look forward to meeting/hearing from/seeing you soon.

8. Use Best regards or Best wishes and sign off with your name and your job title.

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Language level

A1 English level (elementary)

Honestly I've never written a job application letter and needless to say I haven't received a letter that states an appointment for a Job Interview. Although I often write an email to make Inquiry and book a hotel room.

Yes, I received an email. This is the first time ı have ever received an appointment confirmation email from Esin partnership in 2022. When ı received the confirmation email, ı soared with happiness.

Yes I did .one company manager confirm my appointment . First meeting I was so nervous but I catched up the job :)

Yes. I did write email to confirm appointments before, but I don't remember when and for whom.

I receive confirmation emails but not really often. When it comes to writing a confirmation email by myself, it almost never happens.

No I have never writeen an email for confirming an appointment, but I will write it now.
FROM: Taha Anouar
To: Job seeker
Subject: confirming your appointment

Ms Job seeker,
Thank you for emailing us.
I'm writing this email to confirm your appointment with our manager Ms ANOUAR.
Your appointment on 10 august 2022 at Anouar's office in 22 street Almassira.
When you arrive to the office, please ask for Taha at the second floor you will find me in the reception.
We look forward to meeting you
Best regards.
Taha anouar

Do you ever receive or write emails like this one to confirm an appointment?
No I never write email like one to confirm an appointment but I wtrite now for training myself.

FROM: Ryhlen
TO: Rebeka
SUBJECT: Confirming an appointment

Ms Rebeka
Thank you for your email.
I'm writing this email for you about confirm your appointment with our manager Ms Edwina.
Your appointment will be on 16 April 2022 at New Town office in 5 street Zamazil. When you arrive to the office, you can ask for Ryhlen (me) in the reception and I find you.
We look forward to meeting you
Best regards

Yes, I received an email comfirming an appointment three months ago. At that time, I just graduated and applied for the Hangxanh Company. Luckily, I passed the CV round and received an interview suggestion. Then I wrote an email to confirm my appointment with them.

I have never received such an email. I'm not working yet. I'm here to learn English. It's very useful for my future.

i have never done like this because i have never worked in a company yet and my current job is not have to do like this and in my life is not too. so i have never written a email one to confirm an appointment before.

Yes, I send emails for job application, wifi contract renewal etc. Sending emails is also part of my working life. I need to communicate with people by email at work. I can send information to difference people as an attachment in an email. I think the way of communication have been changed now. Besides sending email, people like to communicate through other social media, such as WhatsApp. Because using WhatsApp communicate is faster and more convenient, you can convey text messages, documents, voice notes, photos etc. It speeds up the working efficiency! In my opinion, email is more formal, it is good when dealing with third parties. If I want to contact my colleagues on urgent matters, I prefer to text them via WhatsApp.
Many times I have written emails to confirm appointments for work, dentist, hospitals, etc.. now I have an appointment to get vaccinated from coronavirus and I've already confirmed it.
I think so but i don't remember clearly. I suppose in a moment i write an email like this or similar.
I did not receive any email like this in English, only in my native language.
Yes I sometimes receive e-mail like this. but I never write confirming e-mail to someone.
Actually, I neither receive nor write emails like these, I usually confirm my appointments by phone.
Dear Anne, Thank you for your email. I am writing to say thank you to you for your confirming an interviewing me at your office on the 4 February. I am looking for meeting you soon. Best Regards,
I've never received an email like this.I am just a university student.I don't have to do something like people in a produce do.
I sometimes receive e-mails like this one, to confirm an appointment :) Thanks for tips!
oh i never received an email like that before on my life but really i wish to learn English for that reason to apply to many companies
This is one of the main reasons, I am learning on this website to improve my writing skills. I have a C1 level on speaking and I have to write business emails on a daily bases.
I received emails like these ones last time I changed my job. I remember I needed to align time and place and since the company who was interviewing me was in a different country we scheduled many conference calls by Skype.
No, I don't receive like this email because people in my country don't use the email widely.
In fact, I didn't write emails like that kind, but I emailed to courses only, and I didn't try that sort of emails before, but I'll be improve my skills to write "working emails" to offices, companies or associations.
Actually, I have not applied for a job for years, so I didn't receive this kind of email like above one. However, I have to apply for a job if I don’t learn English soon.
When you are a job seeker is usual to receive this kind of email. You can receive an email like this one if the company where you send your CV wants to inform you about the possibility of know more about your career and your life. In this case, they can make an appointment in their office for an interview or a videocall.
Actually I've never write an email like that but I often receive it from dental centre to remind me about the appointment with my dentist