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My last holiday

My last holiday was a five-day trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. I know Prague well because I lived there when I was at university, more than ten years ago.

Instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with one of my old friends. It was so much fun, and a little bit like my old life. I wanted to do all the same things I did in my university days, so I visited the university. It has changed a lot and looks more modern. I also went to the supermarket near my old house. I loved seeing all the different foods. I was really happy to find my favourite cheese and chocolate biscuits but they were a bit more expensive than I remember!

We did some touristy things too. We walked up beautiful Petrin Hill and around the castle. The views of the city are amazing up there. We walked across the historic Charles Bridge. My friend's flat is very near the TV Tower so we saw the famous baby statues climbing up it. Those things haven't changed, of course.


1. Try to make your writing interesting for the reader. To do this, you can make it personal with your own memories and experiences.

2. Use adjectives to add detail to your descriptions.

3. Write clear and simple sentences and organise your ideas in short paragraphs. Give each paragraph a different topic.

4. Use so, but, and, because and other linking words.

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We had our summer holiday in the west cost of Korea. We stayed in a beach hotel near the city center, We stayed for 2nights and 1day in a deluxe room with side seaview on the 10th floor.
On the first day, rain poured down in torrents, we couldn't go swimming in the beach so we decided to just go to the nearby indoor pool. We had no luck on the following day it rained a lot so we just stayed in our room binge watch the entire season of 'Descendants' to keep my daughter amused. It was such a shame, we couldn't make most of our holiday. However on our last day the weather was wonderful, we visited a famous traditional market, there were lots of scrumptious snacks, lots of tourist and long queues. It was fun though. Thinking about our trip makes me feel nostalgic.In fact It was our first family trip together, I guess it wasn't that bad at all. Well I think I just to remind myself to look at the bright side of everything

My last holidays was in April. Normally, we have long holidays in April in Myanmar. April is Myanmar new year month. We get nearly 7 or 10 holidays so we travel or doing good things or offering traditional foods with our neighbors. Most of the elder people go to monastery or famous pagoda to offer arm foods to the Monks or keeping sabbath.

Since ı work too hard ı only can once a year vacation and this isn't enough for me. When people work hard some times their brains don't work when this happened you should rest. Last year this time ı went 4 days camping with my friends. That is my last holiday we really enjoyed during the holiday.

I wish I went to Prague, Czech Republic, with my husband, because there was our fist trip eight years ago. It might bring even more romance to our relationship.

My last holyday was three days in Havana city. I didn't stay at a hotel becuase they're so expensive. I stayed at my family's house. I spent a great with my family. We visited a few interesting places there. We visited the most famous musuem in Havana city, it's called The Revolution's Museum. Because the museum has the whole history of our country. I had fun a lot. I hope to come back soon.

My last holiday was in in a city with a lots of population. I don't think I enjoy it.

My last holidays was a one-week trip to a town near Barranquilla, I spent the New Year's holidays there.
The place was a bit calm, but entertaining. I really missed my family and how I couldn't visit them, I was in the company of some friends

unfortunately my last holidays hasen´t been three or four years because these years were very complicated for me and specifically for my family because my fathers have many problems in their jobs and we dont have enough money for take holidays and make a trips. but my last holiday was disneyland for my birthday with my friends on the travel of quinceañeras actually not, i forget when my family and i went to villa gesell in the summer vacation.
My last holiday was a short trip to Twinma Hill with my children.It was so exciting and happy.
Duo to covid-19, it is related to a long time ago. I think I went to Sarein with my friend. Sarein is one of the Iranian tourist cities. it has a lot of hot water.
I last vacation, I was at the beach in northeastern Brazil. It was an extremely pleasant and fun trip, so it was an unforgettable experience.
My last holiday was last year. I went to Chile to visit my family for six weeks. I stayed in my parent's house. Always is nice to visit my family, but also takes a few weeks to feel at home again. Many things changed in my natal town and in my country that I have to adapt to again. The family grows with new nieces and a nephew, so almost all the attention goes over them. I had the warmest family time and enjoyed catching up with my brothers and sister because we don`t use to call much often by phone. We had a great time together that I appreciate because was just before covid.
Hi, my last holiday was very funny and just wonderful. I visited Wishingthon state with my friend. we did camping in the forest, it was a little cold but in october the season give lots of different colors in the trees. It was very beautiful. After, we saw the snowy mountains, we drove under the snow while one hour and we finished in the desert, with a beautiful sun. It was some incroyable different views. I loved walk in kirkland erea, between the trees and the road. To spend a time with my friends at the restaurant or in some bar.
this year i did not make a holiday so i was at home all the that month because my parents were travel in that time so i have to wake early and made my breakfast and then clean the room and wish dishes and vacuum the flour yeah in the afternoon i had to make lunch . and i look so tired that day because i had to complete some courses .................
My last holiday was spent in Denia which is in Spain. we went there with my four friends. We stayed at a home during 7 days. I had really good memories. That was the first time i went to Denia. It has amazing beach near the house. the house is small but it has huge balcony and from thw balcony you can see the beach. one day we went a restaurant for lunch and i ate the best vegetarian hamburger in my life!! It was amazing so i recommend it everyone. Every day we went to beach and had lots of fun. 3 days we went to fun fair and we had wonderful funny time there. Denia is a small city but its pretty good to do summer holidays. For sure it depends if you have a house to stay or you have to stay at hotel. for me i prefer to stay at house.
The last holidays for me was go back my home town. It was so exiting for me because I didn't go back home about tree years. So, I wanted to see my mother and my younger brother and I missed them at that time. When I was in my home, I met with my kitty. He was grown a lot. He was big and he didn't remember me. But I still loved him. He was so cute for me all the time. My mother cooked good curry for me. I still loved to eat my mother's cooking. She is the best chef all over the world for my family. I couldn't eat her cooking for along time because I was away from my hometown. Now also, I am away from my home. As my hometown is a countryside, I can't get any opportunities for jobs. So, I work away from my hometown. We could see many green fields, if we drove outside from town. It was very pleasure. I visited to central of town. It was a little bit changed. I think it looks more modern. And then I went to the night market in my town. It is very popular in my town. In night market, we can eat traditional food and dinner as you like. I was so amazed to hear the prize for food because it was a little big more expensive than I remember! But It was still fun for my favorite foods to eat. I am so pleased that flavor of foods was still good.
My last holiday was 2-day trip to my hometown. But this time I was not alone, I went with my flat made in university. He has hear about my hometown and he really exciting to visit it. We stay in my house, my parent was happy and very welcome him. We spend whole 2 days to visit some nice place like square, opera house and beach. The most thing my friend interesting is food. he said them so delicious and unique, so he is planing to come back to visit my hometown again.
I passed my last holiday with my friends.We went to the Shwemyitzu pagoda and travel all over Inndawgyi. Before we go,we discuss how to go and how many cost.Finally we decided to go by car and we bring only 10000kyats at each other. In car,we sang loudly and speak about last subject and we all are happy.We ate tradition food like that fishes no sooner than. WWe feel fresh the air we breathe. We went the pogoda by boat. We pray and offered waterlily to the pagoda. We fed the baits for fishes.We ate the food again. Along the road we go back home, we danced in the car and shouted arbitrariness. We are really pleased. As for us,that day is unforgettable day and wonderful memory.I love my friends because they make me happy and we are one for all and all for me.
Where was your last holiday? My last holiday was in Playa Las Palmas, in the province of Esmeraldas-Ecuador. It is a wonderful place, with hot weather and very friendly and outgoing people. I especially love this beach because it is not crowded, so you can enjoy the sea and the view in peace and without being disturbed. The gastronomy is delicious, it is based on seafood and green bananas and being by the sea the products are very fresh. The food on the beach is from another world, it is exquisite. And the best of all is that from Quito, which has a cold climate, to Esmeraldas, which has a warm climate, you can get there by plane in less than 1 hour. I invite you to visit Ecuador, you find it all and super close.
My last holiday was in Coche Island. Was a wonderful experience because I can relaxed for a few days, I forgot the city noise, the job issues... That's holidays was perfect
My last holiday was spent in Europe, I visited Portugal, Cuba and Spain. Portugal is a beautiful country with very friendly and cheerful people, the place I loved most about Portugal was Porto, it is a city where there are older people, the weather is cold but very comfortable, the food is very rich and healthy and its wines are exquisite. Then I visited Lisbon, it's a very nice but very expensive city, so I couldn't buy a lot of clothes. But before I continue with Spain, I want to tell you about the trip to Cuba; Cuba is a very hot and slightly damp place, all the time it was hot and it rained very little, sometimes I had to stay half an hour locked in a clothing store by the air conditioner. Cuba is a place where they don't have many things, its beaches are beautiful and it has the typical tropical climate, but the worst thing is... THEY DO NOT HAVE WIFI! And if they have, they lend it to you for 15 minutes, all the time it was horrible because I had to share wifi with my family for 15 minutes, it was awful. One day I went to ask the hotel's receptionist for more internet and she replied "you Venezuelans are addicted to wifi", I didn't know what to answer, but believe me that comment annoyed me quite a bit. After Cuba, I traveled to Portugal and Spain. Spain is an exotic and beautiful country in its own way, but the city I loved the most was Barcelona. Barcelona is a bohemian and poetic city in its own way. As a child, I dreamed of living in a country or a city with which I could feel identified, now dream and desire to live in Barcelona, I think I found my perfect city to live with. Eventually I have not been able to travel anymore or meet new countries because of the same economic situation in Venezuela, but I hope to revisit soon that city that stole my heart.
My last holiday was in february 2020, I went to Morrocoy with my boyfriend and enjoyed so much. There were a lot of people, but we still could find a place for us.
My family and I spend our last christmas holiday in Colombia. We visit place like Cartagena, Santa Marta, San Andres, Bogota and Barranquilla. It´s was one of the most amazing expirience I ever could have. I´m very thankful
My last holiday was exactly one year ago andI visited Argentina. I went with my wife and my daughter, we were there tovisit my older son, he lives in Buenos Aires.    We stayed withmy son for about seven days in his flat because Hotels were very expensive and alsobecause we wanted to spend more time together.     Among others, we visited some beautifulparks, gardens and historic places, such as the Japanese Garden and ElRosedal de Palermo, but there was one very different and weird touristic place:the Recoleta Cemetery. It is verydifferent from the ones we know, because it is all concrete and full of mausoleum,belonging to important families in Argentina, such as Presidents, Artists, Doctors,Rich people, etc. I think it is weird because you can see the coffins through thewindows.   I fully recommend visiting Buenos Aires, because it has many places to go depending on your expectations. 
The last time I flew in a plane was 2 years ago. I always fly economy class. I’ve never been upgraded. I always choose a window seat, so that I can enjoy the view, but my mom chooses an aisle seat because she can get up and walk around easily. I flew to Moscow to visit my close friend. I got a direct flight, so the flight took only 1 hour, and I didn’t have jet-lag. I arrived at Vnukovo International airport, and a friend of mine was waiting for me. We met and went to my friend’s house. The next day we went sightseeing; the first place we visited was, of course, Red Square. We saw a lot of interesting landmarks: Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Alexander Gardens. I was incredibly amazed by the views, and took lots of pictures of them. On the second day we went to Tsaritsyno museum. We walked around the park, then we went to Grand Palace. We saw antique things that belonged to Catherine the Great: like dressing-gowns with cuffs and buttons, decorated with rhinestones, jewellery that made of brass and leather.
I went to cat ba island last year. It's so amazing with fresh, cool beach and beautiful nature. I went to national garden, walking and seeing sceneries, and of course, took some photos. At night, I can't miss the night market, walking around and window shoping. Some street games are great, it helped people closer together.
my last holiday was last year i went to portsudan with my colleague we are studying at atbra city it takes 6 hours to portsudan we rented a bus we song many traditional and modern songs all the road we took drum with us we stayed in a hotel near the red see we had fun all day at the morning we drank tea in the hotel with all my friends we visited different places like red see university it is very big and there was many collage and had many participation in sea life researches we also visited museum of the sea life we saw amazing fish with different shape and size we take nice picture with sea creatures every day we went the beach and we saw blue sea and fresh air there was many cafes near the sea they made delicious coffee i never drink in all may life
My last holiday was a 10day trip to Tirana in Albania. I know Tirana because I have lived there when I was at University, for four years. Instead of staying at the hotel, I stayed at my ex roommate's house. Her life has changed a lot since our last meeting. She got married and became a mother of two wonderful children. I wanted to enjoy a little of my student life, so I went to university. I looked to meet my favorite teacher, and it was sad to see how old and weak he was, but his advice still came to me so helpful. I did some touristy things too. I walked up to Taiwan and around the city, and that feeling reminds me of my first kiss there. Small city fulfill with memories.
My last holiday was a two-days trip to Atami in Shizuoka with my friend. First day, we rented a car and drove high speed. It was very far from our city where is Saitama to Atami. Maybe it took 3 hours or more. When we arrived city, we went to Osakana Syokudou to have lunch. we had big and good Kaisendon. Next, we bought Atami Pudding that famous sweets in this area and ate it at near beach. It was so good, so we bought it again next day. Then at night, we staying at a hotel. We could choice a Yukata that Japanese pajama and took a hot spring. We didn't have dinner because lunch time was late so we were not hungry. Second day, morning, we had good breakfast in a hotel and went to get Atami Pudding. Next, we departed Atami and went to Ikea in Saitama. My friend and I live alone, so we wanted to buy furniture and daily necessities. My friend bought desk to study and I bought sofa. We could buy what we was looking for. I spend good time in two-days trip. I was able to refresh.
I stayed with my friends at a hotel in Tokyo from last Saturday to Sunday and had a women's party.My friend and I live in Tokyo. I heard that “a new and modern hotel was built in Ikebukuro in July”, so I stayed there, and it was a very simple room and very stylish. It cost less than 10,000 yen for two people, and it was very reasonable. We were both in the middle of a test period, so we brought in computers and did some assignments in the room or in the cafe at the front desk of the hotel. Unlike me, my friend goes to an art college, so the content of the assignment was fresh. After finishing the assignment, I went out to buy dinner and ate it in the room for takeout. I bought Western-style side dishes such as carpaccio. We both like Korea, so we watched Korean movies over dinner. The time was elegant and calm. I was talking and playing all the time without worrying about the time, but it was four o'clock in the morning. Time passed so quickly that I wished it would last forever. I was very happy spending time with my best friends.
My last vacation was from February to March. But by this time the coronavirus had already spread around the world, so I couldn't travel anywhere very far. Therefore, the memories of spending time at home every day are more vivid than the memories of going out. But I wasn't home every day; I did work part-time twice a week, so I was never out of the house. But I hadn't had this many days off in a very long time to spend so many days at home, so it felt like a new experience. It had been a long time since I had spent so many days at home, so I felt fresh and new, and I could relax at home and get rid of all the fatigue I had experienced.But I'm hoping that by next year the coronavirus will be over and I can go hang out with my friends because it's not very fun to be on vacation without being able to go out at all.
My last holiday was a ten-day trip to my hometown on Lunar New Year. I lived there with my parents and three siblings until I went to university in Ho Chi Minh City where far 1000 km from there. My parents wanted to make our house look more beautiful at the festival. So we had to clear and decorate it. I loved to go shopping with my mom to prepare for the festival. We bought a lot of food, new clothes, flowers, and plants. On Lunar New Year's Day, my family gathered together, gave each other good wishes, shared old stories, gave our children some “lucky money”, and visited our relatives..., so it is easy to understand why I expected this festival so much.
My last long vacation was from February to May of this year. In the beginning of February, I went to Osaka and Kyoto for a two-night, three-day trip. On the first day, we visited Kyoto's traditional shrines and temples. I went with my family to the places I visited during my high school excursion. After all, I thought that the rock garden at Ryoanji is very attractive. The hotel of the day was a new hotel in Kyoto so it was very luxurious and had a traditional atmosphere. On the second day, I went to USJ. I was really surprised at the latest attraction using VR technology. I bought a matching key chain as a souvenir for my friend. On the third day, I ate Kushikatsu and Takoyaki in Osaka and went home. After that, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, I could not go out and travel. When the spread of coronavirus infection has come to an end, I would like to travel to Kyoto and Osaka again. I want to travel to Hyogo in addition to my next trip, so I would like to make a travel plan.
My last holiday was before one year. we went to Switzerland ,Germany , Italy, and north France. Actually the most loved it is Switzerland and the north France .The weather it was very nice. I like the types of cheese they had. Also I lived in the countryside.It was a beautiful experience.I love nature and quite places.
My last holiday was a shopping mall. That time was before the coronavirus infection began. At that time, I had a lot of part-time jobs and it was the only holiday I had, so I played with my friends to change my mind. I first tried to meet up with a friend at the station, but I was a little late because of a stomachache. After that, I was looking at clothes in a shopping mall while talking to the public. It was a large store, so I got lost on the way. I had worn my legs for a few hours after watching my clothes with my friends. For lunch, I went to a restaurant full of desserts and ate a lot, but I was sick because I only had sweets in my mouth. After that, I went to the general store and saw what I wanted. At that time, I was talking to my friends about what happened to college classes and short-term study abroad due to the coronavirus. I didn't think it would be postponed at that time, but I didn't think it would be postponed for almost a year, and I couldn't even imagine it. After having dinner with my friends, I went home. Since I was tired from the house, I fell asleep. I can't meet my friends directly now because of the coronavirus infection, but now I want to be patient and not go out.
My last holiday was last year. I was in Egypt with my family and it was an awesome holiday. We stayed in a beautiful cozy hotel with a large territory with lots of trees, bushes, and flowers. Our room was big and have an extra place for kid's beds. And we even had something like our own porch with chairs and coffee table. We also had some pools where kids could swim and play. And not to mention the sea. It was gorgeous. Warm and still with corals and fish. We had a lot of fun there swimming and capering every day.
My last holiday was before the pandemic, in December in the city Gramado/RS-Brasil. There it is a place wonderful, especially at that time because the city wear herself of Christmas. It have several events for Christmas and everything is so beautiful. I recomend a lot.
My last holiday was in Alania in Turkey. I was no so beautiful.Because i had went there alone. Though i am used to going to holiday but this time it was boring. I did not enjoy so much.
My last holiday was to Mangit city. I went there with my husband and friends. We had a picnic at the beach. Some of us swam, but i didn't as I don't like swimming. It was a very funny party.
I spent my last holiday in Australia. I went to there with my friends. Until then, although I had been abroad with my family, I hadn’t been abroad without my family. So, it was my first try! Through the travel, there were two impressive points. First, we had never planned trip from the beginning by ourselves. So, it was so hard to plan the travel by ourselves and we struggled very much with that. we went to travel agency a lot of times and made a hotel reservation and flight tickets. Then, we had to decide what we do after reaching Australia. They were very difficult and tough but also exciting and awesome. I believe our travel got even better because we made a plan by ourselves. Second, we have been to a remote island in Australia by boat. Then, I mustered the courage to speak English with foreigners. My friends couldn’t speak English at all. And I’m not so good at speaking English. But they were so kind and told us about same thing over and over again. So, I was able to know a lot of new things. We had a very amazing time. And at that time, I felt “I want to talk with them more! And I desire to experience more like this in the future.” Until then, I hadn’t had confident in my English skill. But then, I didn’t care if my English is right or wrong. And I could tell them a lot of things in English. My last holiday was really special experience. After traveling in Australia, I felt the ability to act is so important. In college life, I would like to visit many countries and make life more prosperous.
My last holidays I have in Szczawnica . I want to Szczawnica together with my family and my best friends . The weather was great it was sunny and heat every day . Outstanding view of beautiful mountains . The food was delicious and people very friendly . We plan that friends repeat such a holiday.