Business cards

Read four business cards to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text
KPD Foods
Bruno Silva
Head of Marketing
Address: Avenida Paulista 53, Bela Vista, São Paulo, 01311-914, Brazil
Tel: (+55) 11 8134 7706
Getty Telecommunications Ltd
Olivia Hoskins
International Project Manager
Address: 700 Rockville Street, Monroe, New York 10950, USA
Tel: (+1) 845 228 8396
Orion Education Services
Park Ji-Yeon
Address: South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Sajik-ro-3-gil 23, 30174
Tel: (+82) 2 235-6482
ABC Travel
Rashid Khan
Sales Representative
Address: Hajar Road, Dubai, UAE
Tel: (+971) 4 677 3355
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Language level

At the end, for example my full name is: Leonardo Vinícius Lisboa da Cruz, and I put in my business card just “Leonardo Cruz”
i am from Viet Nam. My full name is Nguyen Thi Kim Thu. "Nguyen" is my family name of my Dad. so you can see, in my country, people put their surname first.
In my country, Brazil, do people put their surname at the end. For example, my name Cássio Silva de Sousa. Then, the people can call me Cássio Sousa.
In my country, people always write surname fisrt and then forename at the end . For instance. My full name is Han Moc Thien, with Han is my family name of my dad or mom, Moc is my surname and Thien is my personal name
In my Viet Nam, we put the surname first and the forename at the end. For instance, My full name is Nguyen Dang Hoang Nam with Nguyen and Dang is my family name of my Dad and mom, Hoang is my surname and Nam is my personal name.
It depends on the people themselves ,some people prefer to write their surname first but the other like to write it last .for me I always write my surname first
in my country people always put their last name or surname at the end of the name. but i always put my surname first and given name at the end.
In Nigeria, this is mostly specify by the person requiring such information, as majority either put it first or at the end.
In my country, we have the only given name except my nationality. The surname or family name is put at front the opposite of western country for instance Ding Rin Bawk San Aung. The family name is Ding Rin and Bawk San Aung is given name
In my country we used to but our surename at the end, for ex my sure name is Alomdaa so I put it after my actual name so we write Lamees aalomdaa and so on .. Just the oppsite in Britain. .
In my country, Indonesia. Some people use their surname first but it depends on the situation
In my country people put their surname first or at the end: it depends on the context and on the various situations.
In Our Country Most People didn't use surnames , Ex- Randika Madushan but some people have surname of their name Ex - Nalin Perera as Mr Perera
In sri Lanka we used from the begging our surnames but some people put their surname both first and end!
In Sri Lanka,some people put their surname at the beginning.But some people put at the end.
In my country, Colombia, in business cards people put their name first and then their surname. For example, Stanley Álvarez, Industry Engineer, ALV House.
In Taiwan, we put our surname before our name. Commonly, the surname of ours is composed of one word and there are two words with our name.
No they don't. In my country people put their surname at the end in business card. They put their names first, e.g. Stanley Álvarez Industry Engineer University of xxxxxxxxx. Address: xxxxxxxxxxx, Medellín - Colombia.
Hello Stanley Thanks for answering the discussion question and sharing this information about Colombia! I just wanted to explain that we removed some details from your comment to protect your privacy in line with our House Rules ( All the best Kirk The LearnEnglish Team