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Vega, New York

Reviewed yesterday


Great mains, pity about the chips

Came for lunch with my sister. We loved our Thai-style mains which were amazing with lots of flavour, very impressive for a vegetarian restaurant.

But the service was below average and the chips were too terrible to finish.

When we arrived at 1.40, we had to wait 20 minutes while they got our table ready. OK, so we didn't have a reservation, but the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make us wait at all.

We ordered the chips as a side dish and they looked delicious. But, when we tasted them, they were overcooked and swimming in oil so we left most of them. We expected a lot more for $10!

When the waiter asked if everything was ok, we said we really didn't like the chips and he said 'That's funny, I love them' and that was it. He didn't offer us anything else or take them off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, he looked annoyed.

I was really excited about visiting Vega, and the mains were just fantastic, but the rest of the experience was really disappointing.


  1. Use an informal or semi-formal style.
  2. In the title, give the main idea or opinion.
  3. Write about the important parts of the experience, not every detail.
  4. Organise your ideas into paragraphs.
  5. Write about the good and the bad.
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One day, I went to a restaurant near my home which just have reopened. They had "nem lụi" as their main course (I'm a Vietnamese). Back then before the close, I liked their "nem lụi" alot. It had the sweetness of the meat and it just so delicious. But when I try that again, the quality dropped heavily. It was SALTY. That's not even what the average "nem lụi" would have. And until now I haven't go to that place again.

in the first at my university, I went to a restaurant in the front of the university, I ordered a dish of negresco but it wasn't good so I had to choose another thing i could eat, and i had to pay more than i expected. The service was good not excellent and the prices were not bad

yes, ı have, actually, I am curious about the new food because of that usually ı get disappointing. ı love to try new food or beverage. One-time ı went to a restaurant whose name is Karadeniz Döner, That place is so famous in İstanbul however, ı didn't like much. Mains was good but no service and no side dishes

Yes, so often, in order to earn more money. There is a restaurant that orders cheap food for customers, but it is not fresh food, so I got sick from that.

I and my family went to restaurant one month ago. The staff was unhelpful and the food was terrible. We ate them because we were hungry but unfortunately wasn't delicious.

I have never had a totally bad experience in a restaurant.
Obviously, I ate in some places where the food was better than in other restaurants, but I have never had an awful experience and I have never met rude waiters.
I don't have a favorite restaurant because I like to change and to try always new experiences.
I think that the best meal I have ever had was in USA in 2015.
I was with my best friend and her aunt. A friend of her aunt, who was Indian, took us to Princeton because he wanted us to try Indian food in a typical Indian restaurant. In that restaurant I had the best food experience of my life!
I really love Indian food because it is full of flavors and smells, really delicious!
In Italy I like those restaurants that cook traditional Italian food, such as Lasagna.

Yes I have have many times faces bad experience in restaurant. One of this is two weeks ago I ordered chicken masala, biryani and roti. That's very bad. I never experienced such a food. That is terrific. And terrible food I have ever faced.

I will write about the best meal I have ever had !!
I live in Paris and for my last birthday I went to a luxury restaurant called Matsuri. The food is Japanese style and they have a chef who is famous in this area. The side was great but the main dish was incredible. I ordered sashimi and a type of sushi that was similar to tempura and for desert I ordered mochi. Mochi is a type of cake from rice and red beans paste.
I thinks I will return there because it was so good !

I decided to try out the restaurant near the school where I work. It always smells good when I go to work. Once, I had lunch there, and I went for pizza cause it's my favorite dish. I had to wait more than 10 minutes to get my dish ready. The thing I don't like. But the pizza was very tasty, that leads me to think about coming back and try out other dishes. But it would be better if they serve people more faster.

My family and I like to try new flavors and visit different types of restaurants, so every weekend we liked to ate out. However, due to the pandemic we have been making our own food, which is great because you eat healthier and save a lot of money. So, when we were eating out we sometimes had some issues with the service because some waiters were rude. Also, sometimes the amount of food was less than what we expected for the total amount of money we paid.
Yes, I have. Here it is: At around 5 years ago I went a restaurant with my family, the mains were amazing with lots of flavor, it was impressive. But if you ask me about the side dish and the service, it was awful. When my family and I arrived at the restaurant at 2:30, we had to wait 30 minutes while they attend us, and the restaurant was only half full. There was no reason to make is wait at all. We ordered the side dish and the main they looked delicious. But, when we tasted the side dish, it was overcooked and swimming in oil so we didn't finish it. When the waitress asked if everything was okay, we complained about the side dish and she didn't care about that. She didn't offer us anything else or take the side dish off our bill. Also, when we didn't leave a tip, she looked disgusted.
yes, I would like to try different restaurants each time. unfortunately, some of them aren't good.
Countless times, one in particular disappointed me a lot. I went to a restaurant specializing in chicken, the dishes were excessively large and exchange between them was too fast, so a lot of food was a thrown away :(
I dont remember if I ever had a bad meal in restaurant, sometimes Is just happen that you receiving different meal that you imagine I would get when you have ordered the food. The very bad experience I have recently when I ordered food from Deliveroo, I ordered portion of Ramen and Gyoza from Take-away restaurant close to me. The food was terrible , I could not eat it at all. After I checked reviews of this shop in google, they have only 2 stars out of 5 , I could check this earlier ;P
I don't recall to have a bad meal in a restaurant recently. The most negative experience that I have was in a restaurant where the food didn't have a great taste but the atmosphere was so good that it overcome the bad things of the restaurant.
The air conditioner is too cold, The steak is too old. I really like watch the 《Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares》show before I came to Singapore. I was so impressed by the chef Gordon Ramsay in that show, I think he has a high standard for all food. So when I know Singapore have a restaurant is belong to Chef Gordon, I was so expected. So I came for dinner with my friend, we all loved the mid-rate steak, so when ordered two mid-rate steaks, the food arrived fast. But when took the first bite, we are so disappointed, because both steaks are too old, that‘s like a well-done steak! So we tell this feedback to the waiters, but he just says, we will tell the chef. Then until we leave, nothing happened, no one tells me why our steak tastes too old. We also ordered a bottle of wine, but the tire condition is too cold for us, so we have to take away the wine, but without the air conditioner’s temperature problem, the environment is better than the food! All in all, we are so disappointed. 
Hope they can improve the service skill and solve the steak problems.
No, I don t remember I had a bad meal in a restaurant . But once in an indian restaurant-I really love indian food- my child ordered a chocolate kind of big pancake ... but it was chocolate and cheese... so she didn't eat it and nobody accepted to share it with her. The waiter was very surprised that we didn t like it.
I and my friends visited a restaurant long ago at my home town. we ordered for Biriyani, a south Indian dish made with meat and rice. Biriyani was so terrible, it was cooked a day before and having some bad smell. Nobody eat fully and left on the plate. we complained to the manager and he had no answer to us than saying sorry. Later he gave some discount on the bill. That was very bad experience in my life and there are many bad experience in my life.
My family and I went to a restaurant when we were on a vacation . It is located near the beach . I love the scenery view there . You can enjoy it while eating food . They serve seafood dish such as prawns and crabs . We ordered a set of the menu . Once it arrived , I was mesmerized by the presentation of the food . It gave me a beach vibes along with it . It tasted really good and delicious . We all really satisfied with the food . After all , I rate it 10 out of 10 as I love everything that being serve there . I really hope I can go there someday again in the future
Yes, of course. I remmember 3 years ago my friend and I went to a new restaurant near to my house . We listened about the deliciuos sandwinches. Unfortunaletly when we ordered , the waitress said they have only two of these . We didn't have another options so we decided go out . I prefer to choose beetween many alternatives to eat when I go for a lunch with my friends.
Came for a celebration with my husband. We loved Western culinary so we go to a Wine House for some special days. I has been there 3 times before and the experience was amazing. The mains were fantastic which were amazing with lots of flavours and side dishes are quite good. However, the 4th time was terrible. I was so excited about smoked salmon with caviar so I order one. Unfortunately, this dish has been removed from the menu. It is a pity. Then I ordered some other dishes and they was off the menu. It is 7pm and it seems like we did not have many options. We have to try something new. The food delivered slowly and the taste was not so good. I believe that they have changed their chef. And another change was we had to order a bottle of wine instead of glasses. We was totally disappointed and I decided not to come back that restaurant anymore.
yes, i already had a bad meal, me and my family were in a restaurant very good and expensive, we thought that was the best restaurant that has ever existed, local appearance is beautiful, the place had a such good vibes,we ordered some potato with bacon, and was really delicious, actually the best part of this restaurant was the potato, cause after that, we asked three hamburgers, and was really bad, the meet was raw, the bread was withered, everything sucks, the bill gave like two hundred, and the price didn't equals the delay and then horrible hamburger . this was the worst situation that i have ever passed in a restaurant.
Yes, I have had a bad meal in a local vegetarian restaurant with my family. The outlook of the restaurant was nice and clean. The service of the restaurant was very slow. After a long wait we served with starter kababs ,the taste was not good and feeling like half cooked. The chicken curry was ok but too oily, and feel did not fresh taste. We paid the bill with a tip and came back home feeling unhappy.
Yes, I have. I sometimes have had bad experiences in restaurantes not only with the meal, but also with the service. Actually, when I have had problems in restaurants in the most have been because the bad service.
I don't remember the restaurant's name, but it is a small place in downtown Bandung where people usually hang out. I believe it's a pretty popular place for students because the place is cozy and the interior is wonderful. But this restaurant sets the price irrationally high. The foods were average and there was nothing special about them. I remember I ordered carbonara or something and it didn't taste as much as I had expected. The benefit-to-cost ratio was just too low. But I did really like the place and the atmosphere. Maybe that's the reason why people like to visit this place. They come for the vibe, not the food and the dishes are just for snacking while they do other things like chatting with their friends
"Los cazadores", México In a weekend my mom and me were looking for some food beacuse we were running out of food at home so we decided to go to a restaurant nerby called "los cazadores". The staff was very polite with us, first good impression. All the dishes on the menu looked so delicious and we ordered some roast meat for both. When we tried our food it was overcooked and too salty so we asked to the waiter about this but he told us that he couldn't do anything about. The side dishes were very good so I could say that them saved our meal. We left less tip to the waiter because he didn't help us a lot but in other hand the sevice were great with good attitude. Maybe we'll back to try another dish like fish or salad.
I went to a restaurant named Tabl'o. It looked verry beautiful. When we came in someone leaded us to our seats, she was verry friendly. We ordered our mains, because we were verry hungry. It came verry fast, and it tasted really good. Excepteded for one of my friends, his order was overcooked. But the chef came and he immediately remade the dish. The service was fast and they were all super nice. We also left a big tip.
One day, me and my friend went shoping in the old medina in my city 'Fez', after a long walk we both felt hangry, so we decided to eat some fast food, after a while a waiter offered to us to eat in his restaurant, he gave us a warm welcome, so we accepted his offer. the restaurant was small with small tables and plastic seats, we sat down and waiting for our order. After about 10 minutes the order was ready, so we began to eat, but before we finished our meals, the waiter gave another costomers but he didn't find any avaliable seats, so he tell us to give our places to the new customers even if we still eating, we were speechless, what he doing ... that make us laughing hardly. This waiter is just caring about money nothing else. but it was a great day
The resturant format is not suitable for me . I visited many diffrent place in my country and most of the delicious or interesting foods are on shabby place. No need to so much wait for service because there is no place to eat only cooking and service .
2years ago I went with my friend to a Pizza restaurant. We knew it from a flyer. Everything was looked delicious. There we received a warm welcome. We ordered one large pizza, chips and two cups of juice. We waited for 45min until our order arrived. It was a long time without reason. Everything was looked delicious, but the taste of pizza is not as pretty as the view. It was not well done and like a pie, not a pizza with a thick layer. We pretended as we like it and paid the bill and got out of there. The good thing was the chips were yummy and crunchy. After that, I didn't be tricked by a flyer.
Sir, which do I use when making a sentence? 1. I am stronger than he or I am stronger than him 2. he is taller than me or he is stronger than I 3. We are wiser than they or we are wiser than them. I am asking this question because there is a place you used " ... is older than me. In another place, you made use of older than I am. Thank you.

Hello Nasir,

After than we use an object pronoun or a subject-verb phrase. Thus, you can say either of these:

I am stronger than him / I am stronger than he is

He is taller than me / He is taller than I am

We are wiser than them / We are wiser than they are



The LearnEnglish Team

Yes,I used to come a restaurant but it's so bad. The food was so sour and not delicious. Beside, the servise was also bad and dirty. It's a bad memory for me. I will not go there again.
Yes, many times. When the food is not good, the service is not good or the atmosphere is bad, the restaurant's evaluation will be terrible.
Casa Del Gelato, Sousse / Tunisia **** Restaurant is good for everyone, especially for family with kids. They have outside and inside places for guests and playground for kids that become comfortable for couples with kids. You can try there most yummy Italian ice cream in Sousse city. The waiters are funny, always smile, and know English language. Dishes, drinks, cocktails are not expensive. You can also watch football matches there. If you are going to visit this place don't forget to order there a hookah. We've got relax and our kids were happy.
yeas, I got a bad experieance with my sisters at Italian resturant on my towne. the resturant wes full sence we arraived and this give us a good imprssion, but the sarvices and food test was disppointed. Also, the waiters was unhelpful.
I also had this bad experience too in the last year, I was travelling with my families oversea, and we went to one restaurant in Spain, that's so awful, there was a half of waiter in front of the main, and no one came to ask us, we waited for 30 minutes at least, they were in racism discrimination, I was so annoyed about.
Yes, I had a bad experience in a restaurant but not for servise or bad meal, rather for my sister's husband who came drunk to the restaurant and after everybody ate he decided to pay the bill, tip was included inside, it was a special restaurant with expensive bill, tip was about 10% of the cost, but you can decided what amount to pay more or less, he was confused and start to make stupid questions he couldn’t understand. so I did embarrass about his misbehave and I just avoided for the rest of the night.
I went to a restaurant with my daughter last year which was designed on a comic character, Though the decoration of the restaurant was impressive, service was poor. Half of the dishes in the mains were not available and moresoever the manager informed that one of their oven is not working, so whatever food we are going to order is going to take more time to prepare than it takes usually. Also, the food didn't turn out to be very good. Overall, not a good experience.
I think such this does not happen at me until now. I would say also some restaurants do not have a good service. They show a high prices of menu but the quality of dish is not excellent. If the consumer will ask the waiter for taking off the half price, they can be rude to the consumer. I see this in many cases.
I used to travel a lot with my family before the pandemic. I have both positive and negative experiences in restaurants. Spaghetti in lemon and butter in Factory Pasta. Together with my best friend, we try out the Restaurant ” Factory Pasta”. According to the name of the place, I solicited the Spaghetti in lemon and butter, my friend ordered one Margarita Pizza. We didn't take a side order. Both mails arrived on time, the waitress was so friendly and we have a very good view of the lake, despite we didn't make a reservation. Taking about the dishes, well, my pasta oiled and my friend mail was no so special. She ate all, meanwhile, I ate just the top of the past in order to avoid the bottom that was full of oil. We solicited the bill without including a tip. In general, the service was good but definitely, I won't come back to this restaurant.
Food Review I think everyone had that sort of experience. I would like to share my story of taking food at a small canteen. My co-workers and I sometimes have night snacks at this small canteen and we love ramen noodles with lots of beef cubes. While the service was below average and only 5 tables they had in the room. I ate quite more at that time as I was pregnant. One middle afternoon I went to this canteen for some snacks. It was not dinner time no people were there, still I had to wait for about 20 minutes. I ordered one bowl of ramen noodles and it looked good, but when I was to taste it, I found two flies, oh, it was terrible. When the waiter asked if everything is fine, I said "please look at these noodles, what could you see?" She apologized and agreed to cook another one for me. That was really funny, when the second bowl came to my table, once again I found 2 flies staying in the noodles. I was so angry and left without paying to her. Few days later I heard from my co-workers that the boss had changed since one month ago. Then I understood and also believed that this canteen will shut down soon.
One Zaab, Yangon *** Good place for those who craving for Thai cuisine. I was amazed by their menu, they have many famous Thai cuisines, service was OK and the taste was average, but for Yangon standard of Thai cuisine, you can say that it’s pretty good, a lot better than many Thai restaurants available in Yangon. I went there with 2 of my friends, one of them had Thai sausage with rice and the other one had corn salad with soup. I had this menu called Kort Saint Pra Htoo, it’s basically a noodle with salted fish and 2 different kinds of Thai sauce. They have beers too. This menu was the main that brings me here. I’ve seen my FB friend post picture of this it on her story, it gave me a flashback of my hometown as my mon like to buy it for me frequently. I’m a little disappointed by the taste because it’s not as good as what I used to eat at my hometown the sauce was terrible, then I realize that this is Yangon where foods are terrible. However, it satisfied my craving for Thai cuisine despite the taste.
I have to say that I love junk food, even though this is not the healthiest food in the world.Well, one of my bad experiences happened in one of these junk food's restaurants. First of all, the service was terrible, the woman that got my order was very rude and impatient with me with the others costumers. Secondly, the dish that I ordered was horrible. The hamburger was cold and the meet wasn't even well cooked. Unfurnatly, I did not have the courage to say anything about my food, beause I got ashamed, so I paid for the food and got out off there, very frustrated.
As I love eating out, I've ever been to many restaurants. As so, I got to some bad restaurants occasionally. For instance, When I had a ramen noodle, which was one of my favorite ramens because it was really good anytime I ate, the noodle itself was too cooked and the soup was lukewarm. As I had trusted the taste of that ramen shop ever before, I was so disappointed.
I definitely had that sort of experience. And not once, unfortunately. I can't remember all of that stuff but the most awful meals I'm going to write about. The first one was in Crimea. Actually, can't tell in which place but whatever. I ordered lamb skewer and it was disgusted almost uneatable piece of lamb fat instead of meat. When I started to complain the waited said I can order another one, maybe it will be better and, of course, I have to pay for both. Another example was not exactly about the meal, but about the cheating. Our noisy company was in a good pub in the center. The food was tasty and the beer even better but, when the bill was brought, we, with surprise, found there what we didn't order. There were lots of snacks and tons of beers and .... spaghetti. Can you imagine that someone orders spaghetti at the beer party? I also not. So we demanded another bill without this extra and, of course, we've never been to that pub again.
Bad food and services on a restaurant in Alicante (Spain) I went out to holiday with my friends to the beach and we reserved on a restaurante in Alicante ´beachs. We arrived at time and everithing was ok. We ordener Black Rice for all and had waiting 20 minutues , but when they gave us the food , the plate was incorrect and the rice looked green. Instead of informing us that the rice was fnished, they mixed paella(tipical food spanish , ) and squid ink . It was imposible to eat it. When we complain them, didn´t recive any soluction and we had to pay the bill without discount. The opinion is already on TripAdvisor.
Kyay Oh shop in Chinatown After passing matriculation exam, I went to Yangon with my father and uncle.One day, visiting around the city, my father buy and feed kyay-oh to me in chinatown. I haven't ate it before. I think it might be delicious for me without putting a kind of vegetable in it. I don't know the name of that vegetable. It looks like lettuce. I didn't like its smell. So I ate only pork in this soup. It was expensive compared with other myanmar foods. I had to come back from this shop with my stomach unfulfilled.