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B1 English level (intermediate)

I`d like to describe my sister`s apperance. She`s a teenager, she`s tall, slim, she has long straight hair, blue eyes, small nose.

I am going to describe my brother. He´s tall, he has straight hair, is a good looking guy.

I would like to describe my friend, Abid. He has straight hair with no moustache but with beard. He is not bald

Today, I'm describing a person who is part of the cinematographic world. This person has brown, long, and straight hair. Also, a big beard and moustache. On the other hand, he is well-built and has green eyes. This actor was and still forms part of a superhero film and was considered one of the most beautiful people in the world.

jeff bezos is an old man, He has got no hair, it means that he is bald, he has got no moustache, beard, goatee or any kind of facial hair.

He is considered one of the best football players who played for the National football team of The Netherlands. He used to have dreadlocks and he was wearing glasses while he was playing a match, and the first letter of his first name is E. Could you guess who he is?

he has a goatee, he is a famous Lebanese politician and left recently the country and said that he is not going to participate in the election in may.

I´ll describe my dad, he has short black hair, is tall and thin, and also has a beard.

My daughter is seven. She has fair skin and long, black hair. She is slim. She is grumpy too.

My Bias has a beautiful golden brown skin with bright skin tone.
He got a straight, thin and silky short hair with soft texture.
He always wear a sweet smile on his face and got a mold under the right corner of his lips.
He always spread the positive impact to everyone physically and mentally.
I fell for him through the interviews.
Asian people may know who I'm talking about.

My older brother is bald since he was 25 years old, but it doesn't matter because he is good looking. Many years ago he used to has goatee but now he has moustache like my father. My sister has long curly hair and she is thinking to change her appearance, she would like to has short hair.

I´m a teenager, curly and a bit thin. I have think lips and a wide nose.
I have small brown eyes and my forehead is wide. I like to wear wide black chlothes

Hello camila,

Thanks for your contribution. Assuming that you are 18 or 19 years old, I just thought I'd point out that we usually refer to people of that age as 'young adults'. 'teenager' suggests someone who is not legally an adult (that is, younger than 18).

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I will describe the appearance of one of the legendary person. He is well known for his music and his incredible dance steps, specifically his moonwalk step and it is one of my favorite steps because he used to do it so smoothly. His appearance before surgery was dark skin, wide eyes, curly hairs, wide nose bridge, round face and slim body and after going through the process of different surgeries his appearance changed to fair skin, wide eyes, straight hairs, narrow nose bridge, high cheekbones and got strong jawline. He isn't alive anymore. :(

i am a tall guy and i have a light beard and and black hair with one white hair and i think the beard is quality mark for men

She is a celebrity: long hair, blondie, brown eyes, medium complexion and her hips don't lie... :)
Adam Grant has a bald. He is a famous psychologist. He wrote a lot of interesting books and I like his books.
I am quite tall and fit. I don't have mustache and I hate beard. I have black short curly hair. My daughter has long black curly hair, she is a toddler yet, she is thin.
He is quite tall, is a redhead, has beautiful and rare amber eyes, he has a slim complexion, he swings his hips when walking, likes talking with sarcasm and irony, and loves plants :)
She has beautiful eyes. Her long hair are dark brown and shiny. She looks so smart with glasses on her face. She is my loving and famous personality.
One of my friends has long, blond and curly hair, a fair complexion and rounded shapes. Her partner also is quite florid, with straight and black hair. Both are medium height.
My skin is white. So is the core of the heart. I don't have neither mustache nor goatee. I'm about four heads high. Who do you think I am?? ;)
guess what film caracter i`m talking about. He has black, straight hair of medium lenth . He wears dark cloak as usual and he isn`t a teenager.
I would like to descrise about PM Borris Johnson. He has no beard in his face. His hair is straight and white collour.

Hello Rafaela1,

I'm not sure what you mean here. We value diversity and the wide range of human culture that exists, so we portray people from many different backgrounds and cultures, treating each person as an individual and not a stereotype, of course.

I think it's not only OK but a very beautiful thing to celebrate this.



The LearnEnglish Team

She is a famous actress of south korea.She is not a teenager and she has long straight hair.She is also a singer and a writer.
My niece is a young tall woman with brown short hair. When we meet I always see her like when she was a toddler and played with me.
She is an Italian actress and producer, she has black straight hair, and she is known for her romantic roles and her pure Sicilian charm.
He is a rich superhero but isn't Batman, has a nice goatee, black short hair, uses cool glasses, and is funny.
He is a bit bald. He has some hair only on his head sides. He has a light beard. He doesn't have a moustache or goatee. His hair is grey.
My father has a goatee and curly hair. He was bald last year because he was a monk at the moment. He really loves the music band, so he always wanders how he will look with dreadlocks. And now he also has the moustache. The neighborhood in front of our house had a toddler three months ago. When I was a teenager, my father often rubbed with his rough chin.
He is a legendary singer of a music band which is one of the best heavy metal band in the world. He has slightly curly grey hair and goatee. The guitarist has long curly black hair with no beard. The drummer's got bald and the bass player has long straight hair. He sometimes is with beard but sometimes no.
John is a teenager. He has curly hair. He has beard not goatee. Last year he was bald. Because he was a monk. He is going to get married to my friend. He will have a toddler in 2025.