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Level: beginner

this and these

We use this (singular) and these (plural) as pronouns:

  • to talk about people or things near us:

This is a nice cup of tea.
Whose shoes are these?

  • to introduce people:

This is Janet.
These are my friends John and Michael.

Be careful!

We say, This is John and this is Michael. (NOT These are John and Michael.)

  • to begin a conversation on the phone:

Hello, this is David. Can I speak to Sally?

that and those

We use that (singular) and those (plural) as pronouns to talk about things that are not near us:

What's that?
Those are very expensive shoes.
This is our house, and that's Rebecca's house over there.



We also use that to reply to something someone has said:

'Shall we go to the cinema?'  'Yes, that’s a good idea.'
'I've got a new job.'  'That's great.'
'I'm very tired.'  'Why is that?'

Replies with that's 1


Replies with that's 2


With nouns

We can also use this, these, that and those with nouns. We use this and these for people or things near us:

We have lived in this house for twenty years.
Have you read all of these books?

and that and those for people or things that are not near us:

Who lives in that house?
Who are those people?

Demonstratives with nouns




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Good exercise.  

  • May I know what is whose means this is a compound word or not. Could anybody ​.

Hi ,
Whose is not a compound word it's not who +is or something . Whose is a question word used to ask about ownership . for example: whose car is this ? = who owns this car ?  
In the exercise Whose is (this) silver Mercedes over there?=who owns this Silver Mercedes over there?
Hope this help

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why today can't play exercise?

We had some problems with the exercises yesterday - they should work now.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team


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