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Pronouns in questions

Level: beginner

We use who to ask questions about people:

Who is that?
Who lives here?
Who did you see?

We use whose to ask about possession:

Whose coat is this? or Whose is this coat?
Whose book is that?   or Whose is that book?
Whose bags are those? or

Whose are those bags?

We use what to ask questions about things:

What is that?
What do you want?

We use which to ask someone to choose something:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
I've got two books. Which do you want?

We can also use what and which with nouns:

What subjects did you study at school?
What newspaper do you read?
Which newspaper do you read –
The Times or The Guardian?
Which book do you want?
Which one is yours?

Pronouns in questions 1


We often have a preposition at the end of a question:

Who does this book belong to?
What are you looking for?
Which university did you go to?

Pronouns in questions 2


Pronouns in questions 3



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Is it common to say "whose is that book?" instead of "whose book is that?" in daily conversation? Could anyone explain to me, please? Thank you..

Hello ndyutina, I found an example, i hope this help you.
Who is that masked man? (“Who” / subject) 
The men, four of whom are ill, were indicted for fraud. (“whom” / object)

one went wrong. x(

So I can say:
 I’ve got two books. Which do you want?
Shouldn't say :
Which one do you want?

i am still confused how to use who or whom, can anyone please explain to me? thank you

who is the word for asking about subjects but we use whom to ask about object!

I don`t understand Wh questions clearly in this section((((

I think the question word "who" use with singular, but at Activities 3 it says " who are ​they  playing against ?",you can explain it ?

"Who" is use with not only singular but also plural therefore the third sentence is correct