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Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns. We often use them to avoid repeating the nouns that they refer to. Pronouns have different forms for the different ways we use them. 

Read clear grammar explanations and example sentences to help you understand how pronouns are used. Then, put your grammar knowledge into practice by doing the exercises.  

Choose a topic and start improving your English grammar today. 


Hello) Let's communicate! 

Hi, boys!  My Englush is terrible, but next autumn i will go in USA for job. How can I do?

Hello My name is Nareth . I have a lot problem in English too, But i am still trying to learn it, Well here some advising from me, You should learn to remember a lot of words in English, Watching TV speak in English, Listening News in English, And reading a lot of English. I am here for learning and getting advise from all of friends to improve my English Too. I hope you get successful in your job with English Language.
Sorry if i have something wrong in writing but I try to improve myself in writing too. Please correcting.

watch english channels like news,movies,documentry. and improve ur listening..

Huhu (:

hi everybody


Hi everybody:)

hi ingrida..,glad to meet u...

HI Ingrida
How r u ? it's my very very first message to some one because only 20 minutes before  i became a member of British Council