Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



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Could you please tell me, Which one is correct sentence?
After passing 3 days, Client didn't yet approve the files.
After 3 days, Client not yet approved the files
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Hello  irfanhanif970,

Neither of these are entirely correct. I think the best way to express it would be as follows:

After three days the client had still not approved the files,


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Hello everyone! Would it be possible to clarify my question please?!

What is the difference between those and these? F.e can I use "these" in this sentence?- " In these two ends of the island swimming not allowed" or " In those" .

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Hello Yulduz,

'this' (or 'these') and 'that' (or 'those') are explained on this page. There are also more examples on this Cambridge Dictionary page. Which one you should use depends a lot on the context. For example, if you've just been talking about the two ends of the island in the previous sentence, 'these' would probably be better.

I hope this helps you.

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thank you britishcounsel

thank you Sir Kirk and thanks for British Council.

i would really like to get a partner to speak with English so that i can improve my pronunciations and i will also like to get interact with other people in different ways

Is there Anyway you can help me with that?

Hi Nurdin11,

I'm afraid that we do not provide a service like this on LearnEnglish and in fact we ask users not to provide any contact information on the site for data protection reasons. We have to be very careful with such issues as we have some users who may be under 18 years of age.


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Dear Sir,
I am still confuse about that where should I begin to learn English. should I 1st grip on Noun,Pronoun, Articles or other else.
I have read some books there 1st lesson is Noun. some books contain Article.
what should I do to learn English in elementary level.