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Episode 09: New Year's resolutions

Everyone is talking about their New Year's resolutions but why does Carlos feel so shy about mentioning his?

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Before you listen

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Audio script

Johnny: Happy New Year!

Fadi: Stop, please! Enough New Year!

Johnny: It’s the first time I’ve seen you this year! You’re supposed to say ‘Happy New Year!’

Fadi: OK,OK... Happy New Year to you too, then!

Johnny: It will be Chinese New Year soon – then we can do it all again!

Fadi: Fine, OK, let’s wait until then, though, eh?

Magda: Hello everyone! 

Fadi /Johnny: Hi!

Magda: Happy New Year!

Fadi: Oh, please!

Magda: I’m only trying to be friendly...

Fadi: Yeah, sure, sorry... Can we think about something else now please?

Magda: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Johnny: New Year’s what?

Magda: New Year’s resolutions. Olivia told me about it - at the beginning of the year, you should decide to do something, and do it all year.

Johnny: What kind of thing?

Fadi: Something like stop smoking, or go to the gym every day, or study more...

All: Hi Olivia! Hey! Hello!

Olivia: Hmmph. Tony – could I have a large coffee please? Make it extra strong!

Fadi: Looks like someone’s having a bad day!

Olivia: Oh shut up Fadi!

Fadi: Sorry!

Magda: What’s up, Olivia?

Olivia: My website isn’t working properly. I need to fix it.

Fadi: Here’s the right man to help you!

Harry: Hello there! Are you talking about me?

Olivia: I’ve got problems with my website again...

Harry: I told you I should have set it up the first time! You should have asked me!

Olivia: OK, OK... you were right...

Harry: So what’s the problem?

Olivia: The online sales page doesn’t work. People can’t buy my shoes!

Harry: I’m sure I can help fix it.

Olivia: Go on then. Come over to my flat tonight, and we’ll have a look.

Bindyu: Oh, sorry Olivia. I’m not sure he can come to your flat tonight.

Harry: Yeah, I can. I’m not busy tonight.

Bindyu: I thought we were going to the cinema?

Harry: Were we? Sorry, I didn’t know. I’d like to help Olivia, if I can...

Bindyu: Hmmphh.

Olivia: Oh, listen Harry... don’t worry if you can’t come and help.

Harry: No. I’ll come. I love websites – you know!

Johnny: Here’s another one of our friends... Thank goodness for that...

All: Hello Carlos!

Carlos: Hello there!

Magda: We were talking about New Year’s resolutions. What’s yours?

Carlos: New Year’s what?

Magda: New Year’s resolution - at the beginning of the year, you should decide to do something, and do it all year.

Carlos: Oh, I see... well, I want to be a chef...

Fadi: We know that, it’s not new.

Johnny: It has to be something new!

Magda: Yes – something you want to do this year!

Carlos: Oh. OK... I see, well... let me think... something I want to do this year... I know, I want to ask Sarah out on a date!

All: Wow!

Magda: Oh... well... it looks like you have a chance right now, Carlos!

Sarah: Hello everyone! Were you talking about me?

Carlos: Well, no, erm yes, I mean...

Magda: Go on, Carlos!

Fadi: Carlos has got a question to ask you...

Sarah: Oh, yes?

Carlos: Oh, yes, erm... well... I was wondering if... erm...

Sarah: If?

Carlos: Yes, if you’d like to...erm... I don’t know... perhaps... erm... go out some time?

Sarah: Go out with you?

Carlos: Well, yeah, I mean, if you want to...

Sarah: Oh, well... erm... what I think is...

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A very useful and interesting series ! Thank you very much for all your effort !

Thank you so much guys!It was an excellent episode.

Very good episode, thanks!.