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Literature is GREAT - Part 1

Shakespeare, Dickens and more... Britain's literary history is world class, and Richard speaks to experts about some of the country's greatest writers.

Task 1

Which of these things does Richard do?


Task 2

Which sentences are true?


Task 3

Make sentences from the video by putting the words in the correct order.


Task 4

Use must/can/might + present tense for present possibilities, and must/might/can + have + past participle to talk about possibility in the past. Use the negative if you need it.





Hi ! I don't know many thing about English literature. Yet I have read one piece of theater written by Shakespeare. I believe that it was "Mac Beth". I don't read a lot of English writers, because in French literature there are many "competitors" like Moliere , Voltaire , Zola ,Balzac. Which don't prevent me to see that in English literature the spirits and the ghosts are almost always present .

Thanks a lot! Excellent video and activities! Cristina

Hello JeremyBee,
Thanks for your help,it does work!I've tried to watch the video of recent Word on the Street,I could watch it and not that slow!I am glad there is a solution,hope the same system will be applied here soon.

Hi,I am from China,I use Vista and Firefox,don't know why the video can't be showed on page,it says the format is not supported,what can I do with it?thanks for hard work,I like all the lessons.Wish to hear from you soon.Hope the problem can be solved.I've been waiting for new videos for a long time,really eager to watch.

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Sorry to hear you're having problems! Unfortunately, users in China do have difficulties seeing our videos, and they are not available for download. We do not have an answer for these Britain is Great videos at the moment.

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I love Agatha Christie and Sir Athur Conan Doyle most. I had learnt some part of 'Romeo and Juliet' when I was in high school, and some how I don't like it much even I know they are very famous and popular in the world. But i like Charles Dickens, his story about children was so great.

I can't see the video :((((((((((((((( as usual :((((

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You commented about this problem before on 'Knowledge is Great'. I asked you to test a possible solution - could you please tell me if it worked?
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They are both great writers. I enjoyed so much reading them. From Shakespeare, one of my favorite plays is The Midsummer's Night Dream and from Dickens Hard Times and The Chritsmas Carol, of course.

My favorite books are classic. I love Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, their works are fantastic. I also know writings of Thomas More. He was such a brave and consistent man, a great philosopher. The way he died is a shame.  But my favorite writer of all time is Oscar Wilde. He is not British but he is probably one the best writers in English. "De Profundis", one of his letters after his arrest, gives you an idea about his talent and the beauty of his heart. 
The most famous writer in my country is Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel prize in literature in 1982, but the greatest author in my language (Spanish) is Miguel de Cervantes.