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Sport is GREAT - Part 2

Messing about in boats is a British obsession. Richard visits Portland and Weymouth's Olympic harbour and finds out if he's got what it takes to win a medal on the water.

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Dear British Council! Thank you a lot not only for the opportunity to improve level of my English but also for very interesting and useful videos! Due to the fact that you exist I have found a lot of very interesting details about Great Britain: about English people and their culture.

Are water sports popular in your country? 

Italy is a peninsula and our country has a continuous relationship with seaside. We have a long tradition about sailing and shipbuilding. Lately, Giovanni Soldini and his crew sailed from HongKong to London, the Tea Route, and his Maserati team broke the early record of nearly a week less.
Italian people are interested in water sports, specially in the Olympics, and many athletes attend for games as divers, swimmers, subs. Though I do not consider very common for people here regularly to swim and practise water sports. Even if the synonym between summer holidays and going to seaside stays a “must” for the majority of our population.

How would you feel if you represented your country in the Olympics or Paralympics? 

Well, if I were an outstanding athlete, I would be proud to represent my country and I would do my best to contend medals and break records. I would feel even sense of responsibility towards my coaches and sporting mates, to do my best respecting rules. Actually, I still believe that sports spirits have a lot to do with fair-play, hard work and healthy cure of the body. In any case, it will stay an far-away hypothesis, fortunately for my country, because I am a sport-loving watcher but am not a sporting person at all!

Is there an unusual sport you would like to try?

Well, I would like to train myself to compete in free diving. I love the sea and I am good at yoga, working well with deep and long breathing. I won’t compete with great Olympics swimmers, but maybe there would be a chance going into deep.

To be honest, people apparently lack the desire to go swimming in Peru, consequently, you may find difficult to enjoy water sports here,neverthelesss, there is a wide range of extreme sports availabe these days in different parts of my country, so why don' t you come here and give it a try?

I remember representing my school in a math competition, I have never experienced so much excitement in my life. I wish I was good at sports. Anyway I'd like to go paragliding. it's something I have always wanted to do.

By the way, I want to congratulate you on having such a wonderful website!!

No, water sports isn't popular in my country. The most popular sport in my country is soccer, but we haver great athletes in water sports here like Torben Grael, whos won medals in olympic games.

Well, I have been on this British Council webpage for one year and three months, and I would like to say thank you for offer lots of resources here to learn English, I think I have improved my English a lot with this, I can not go out to an institute because the cost but here I feel very well, thank you again from a grateful Venezuelan.

Hello adeljva,

Thank you for your lovely comment. It's great to hear that we're helping people!

Good luck with your continued learning.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

#2 : What does 's mean ?
quote "it’s become a state-of-the-art facility for professional training"

Hello englishnoob,

The 's' here is a contraction of 'has'. It is part of a present perfect form: 'has become'.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Rowing and swimming are probably the most popular water sports in Ukraine although I cannot tell for sure. Actually, Ukrainian paralympian won a gold medal in boat racing, in 1000m, yesterday and broke the former record set by himself.
I'm sure that swimming is not only a great water sport but also an activity everyone should include in their live.
If I had to represent my country in the Olympics I would be very excited and proud at the same time. However, mixture of nervousness, fear, pride and excitement cannot be underestimated. It’s hard to even imagine all those feelings athletes experience during such a great and outstanding contest.
The most unusual sport I would like to try is bobsleigh. It looks ultimately extreme and I really like it. In fact, I’ve never tried this crazy ride and would probably prefer not to be engaged in the steering process for the first time.

I think it is fair to say that water sports are popular in China. I mean a lot of people are dedicated fans for swimming and diving. But I am not entirely sure if swimming and diving are among the water sports under this question. Some Chinese athletes do well in sailing as well. We've got quite a few world class medals in this type of competitive sport from Olympics or other top matches.

If I was going to represent my country in any of these games, I probably would feel very stressed. There would be thoughts, like what if I lose, what if I slip, what if I miss the ball, what if I let everybody, down going on and on in my mind. I probably would be excited as well. I would have been through a series of preparation which helped me to be in my best condition and there would be sports psychologist as well who suppressed my negative thoughts and filled me with confidence. I really don't know.

Sports are really not my thing. So if there was an unusual sport which would not making me tired, giving me sore muscles, and just as comfortable as crouching on the couch, I am going to be committed to it, seriously, I am.